Everything to Know About 'The Challenge: World Championship' (Including When it Premieres)

MTV legends and global MVPs collide to find out who will be the best of the best.

One year ago, The Challenge announced its most epic event yet: A new set of international seasons featuring reality TV stars and celebrities. And it's all led to this, a culmination titled The Challenge: World Championship that features standouts from those seasons--as well as several familiar faces from the flagship series--competing to see who will reign globally supreme.

Here's everything to know about The Challenge: World Championship, including when it premieres, who's in the cast, and how the game works.

When did The Challenge: World Championship premiere?

The Challenge: World Championship premieres with its first two episodes on Paramount+ on Wednesday, March 8 in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, MTV will air a one-time sneak preview of the new series with the premiere episode being shown in its entirety on Wednesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

What night does The Challenge: World Championship air?

Episodes of The Challenge: World Championship will drop first thing on Wednesdays on Paramount+.

When is The Challenge: World Championship finale?

It's unknown how many episodes The Challenge: World Championship is, nor when the finale will air.

Who was eliminated from The Challenge: World Championship?

Check here throughout the season to find out who's been eliminated from The Challenge: World Championship.

Who is in the cast for The Challenge: World Championship?

The partial cast for The Challenge: World Championship was announced in mid-February. Only the MTV all-stars, as well as competitors from the US and Australia seasons were announced, as the UK and Argentina seasons had yet to air.

The Challenge: World Championship has its cast divided into two categories. First are the MTV stars, some of the best to ever compete on the flagship series. The veterans include:

–Amber Borzotra (one-time winner)

–Darrell Taylor (five-time winner, seven-time finalist)

–Jodi Weatherton (two-time winner)

–Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (eight-time winner, eleven-time finalist)

–Jonna Stephens (two-time winner, three-time finalist)

–Jordan Wiseley (three-time winner, five-time finalist)

–Kaycee Clark (one-time winner, three-time finalist)

–KellyAnne Judd (three-time finalist)

–Nelson Thomas (two-time finalist)

–Nia Moore (one-time finalist)

–Theo Campbell (one-time finalist)

–Tori Deal (one-time winner, four-time finalist)

–Wes Bergmann (three-time winner, eight-time finalist)

–Yes Duffy (two-time winner)

The other half of the cast consists of "Global MVPs." These people appeared on the spinoff series that aired in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and Argentina over the past year. They are:

–Ben Driebergen (Survivor season 35 winner, The Challenge: USA finalist)

–Danny McCray (Survivor season 41, The Challenge: USA winner)

–Emily Seebohm (Olympic gold medalist, The Challenge: Australia)

–Grant Crapp (Love Island Australia season 1, The Challenge: Australia)

–Justine Ndiba (Love Island USA season 2, The Challenge: USA finalist)

–Kaz Crossley (Love Island UK season 4, The Challenge: UK winner)

–Kiki Morris (The Bachelor Australia season 4, The Challenge: Australia winner)

–Nathan Henry (Geordie Shore, The Challenge: UK finalist)

–Sarah Lacina (Survivor season 34 winner, The Challenge: USA winner)

–Troy Cullen (Australian Ninja Warrior season 3, The Challenge: Australia winner)

–Zara Zoffany (The Royal World, The Challenge: UK finalist)

How does The Challenge: World Championship work?

According to a press release from Paramount+, "In the franchise’s first-ever world tournament, each global MVP will be paired with a 'Challenge' Legend, a notable veteran from previous seasons of the MTV series, who will serve as their partner to form the most epic teams in the history of the franchise. Together they will work towards the most difficult challenge of them all: the brutal finale worth $500,000.

It's unknown whether the format will bring in any more twists. All of the past year's international seasons involved "The Algorithm," which randomly determined the pairs for that episode's daily and elimination. There have also been a couple of seasons of the MTV show that have given the elimination winners the opportunity to switch partners if they choose. It's unknown whether the pairs determined in the premiere will be the same as in the finale.

Who is the host of The Challenge: World Championship?

The Challenge: World Championship will be hosted by all of the hosts from the global shows, who will be appearing in various capacities throughout the season. That includes The Challenge: USA host (and host of the MTV version since 2005) T.J. Lavin, The Challenge: UK host and The Only Way is Essex star Mark Wright, The Challenge: Australia host and television presenter Brihony Dawson, and The Challenge: Argentina host and comedian Marley.

Is there a trailer for The Challenge: World Championship?

Yes! You can check out a trailer for The Challenge: World Championship below.

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