Everything You Need to Know About How to Care for Houseplants

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The allure of plants continues to grow. According to a September 2021 survey conducted by marketing research company Axiom, 62% of 1,300 participants confirmed that they were going to be planting more in 2022 — and there was even more interest among millennials (76% to be exact).

We think the reason for all of the increased interest around gardening and houseplants is simple: Being surrounded by greenery can improve your health and overall well-being. "Studies show time spent outside in green spaces can reduce our mental fatigue, increase our relaxation and even improve our cognition," says The Sill's Erin Marino. So why not bring those benefits inside, too? Easy-to-maintain office plants, air-purifying bedroom plants or even a simple kitchen plant, like fragrant basil, can do wonders for your mood (not to mention the aesthetics of your home).

That’s why we’ve created this special guide to houseplants. Whether you're a novice gardener or you happen to have a natural green thumb, ensuring your indoor plants are thriving calls for the best gardening tools to help them grow, as well as practical advice for watering, lighting conditions and fertilization. Check out all of the helpful plant advice we've gathered here — from care tips for the most popular houseplants to a step-by-step repotting tutorial — then start building the indoor jungle of your dreams.

How to Repot Plants

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