Everything You Need To Know About The Black Food Truck Festival

The Black Food Truck Festival is set to happen in Charleston, S.C. on April 26-28.

The weekend-long event will include an opening party, karaoke, a morning workout, and the festival itself.

Created to be a celebration of delicious food and culture, showcasing the talents of Black-owned food trucks from across the country, The Black Food Truck festival is expected to be unlike anything else in the area.

The festival brings together diverse cuisines, from traditional soul food to Caribbean flavors, African dishes from across the continent, and more.

Focus on Black-owned

Marcus Hammond created the festival in 2022 and quickly rose to popularity for his relentless support of Black-owned food trucks and eateries in South Carolina.

The festival not only provides an opportunity to try different types of food but also serves as a way to uplift Black-owned businesses.

By showcasing the food trucks and their talented creators, the festival helps to promote diversity in the food space, shining a light on the contributions of Black culinary artists, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to enjoying great food, attendees can also learn about the stories and motivations behind each food truck, interact with the owners and the teams behind the eateries, and gain a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into running a successful food business.

More Than Food

Hammond’s festival is also a celebration of community and culture. The festival features music, performances, and vendors selling various goods and crafts in a vibrant atmosphere. The event will also have two lounge areas, according to the website, where guests can visit the bar or a mobile cigar experience.

There will also be a kid’s zone for families with small children.

“Two things that have really guided me, [with] the first one being the customer is not always right, but the customer is always first,” Hammond said to the Post and Courier, a news publication in the area. “So, everything we do with the festival, we keep the attendees in mind first.”

According to Blavity, more than 15,000 people are expected to attend the event at Exchange Park Fairgrounds. Many visitors are expected to travel from nearby states, including Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.