Everything to Know About The Bachelor’s Kaity Biggar—Including Spoilers on How Far She Makes It

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All the Details on The Bachelor’s Kaity BiggarABC

Much like a moth that just can’t help crashing into a lightbulb, we are once again spending our Monday nights watching The Bachelor. Why? No one knows, though it’s possible we’ve all been indoctrinated into some kind of cult without realizing it. Nevertheless, Bachelor Nation is stoically watching Zach Shallcross embark on his journey to find network television love—and there are already a few contestants we’re keeping an eye on. Including but not limited to Kaity Biggar, who will definitely be ~one to watch~ as Zach’s season progresses.

Here’s what we know about Austin-based Kaity so far–including her Instagram, job, general vibes, what she’s looking for in a relationship, and how far she makes it on the show. Also, please be advised that there are spoilers coming, but they’re below the GIF for those of you who prefer to remain surprised.

Kaity Is on Insta, but She’s Pretty Low-Key

Her follow count as of writing this? Just over 5,000. Pretty sure things are about to change! Especially since Kaity already has a small but devoted fandom forming on Twitter:

You can also find Kaity on TikTok:

And if this ^ video didn’t make it clear...

She’s a Nurse

Twenty-seven-year-old Kaity works as a travel nurse in Texas, which is notable because Zach splits his time between Texas and Orange County. Long-distance relationships have been a problem for Bachelor Nation couples in the past (shockingly most brand-new relationships can’t sustain a cross country romance), so if Kaity wins, at least she and Zach will be living in the same area.

Also, hello to this dog named Doc:

She’s Actually Pretty Funny?

According to Kaity’s ABC bio, she is “not only passionate about her career but she’s got a great sense of humor and is extremely down to earth.” And judging from the premiere, she does seem to have a good sense of humor:

She Has One Major Deal Breaker When It Comes to Men

As the folks at ABC put it, Kaity “can’t wait to start a family and said that if a man didn’t want kids, that would be a deal breaker for her.” So hopefully, Zach is locked, loaded, and ready to have some babies.

She’s a Former Figure Skater

Learned this fun fact from ABC’s list of, well, “fun facts.” Which also includes Kaity’s love for roller coasters and fear of sharks being underneath her while swimming (deeply relate).

On that note, SPOILERS are incoming.

Kaity Gets the Second One-on-One Date of the Season

Zach and Kaity hit up the Museum of Natural History during the second one-on-one of the season, and she most definitely gets a rose. No pics were leaked of their date, so you’ll have to wait to watch it on The Bachelor.

And She Gets a One-on-One in Budapest

Zach and Kaity spend more alone time together in Hungary, and yep, there are pictures courtesy of Reality Steve!

She Makes It to Hometowns

Zach and Kaity’s hometown date was filmed in Austin, and apparently, production wasn’t thrilled that people were taking videos of it.

Aaaand She Wins!

Gabi Elnicki, Ariel Frenkel, and Kaity Biggar are Zach’s final three according to Reality Steve, and he just revealed that Kaity wins the entire season. That said, other spoiler sites have claimed Gabi wins, so you’ll definitely want to tune in to find out for sure!

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