Everything goes wrong at toddler’s ‘chaotic’ birthday party, and TikTok is cracking up

A toddler’s chaotic birthday party became a global sensation when just about everything that could go wrong, did.

While party fails are no stranger to online fame — like the gender reveal party that elicited a cringey reaction from the dad-to-be — little Reece’s bedlam-filled celebration is one for the books.

The video, originally uploaded by Eva and Kenzie (co-hosts of the podcast “It’s OK Sweetheart“), first gained viral traction on Reddit, accruing over 36,000 upvotes on the subreddit r/ContagiousLaughter and 14,000 upvotes on r/AbruptChaos. On TikTok, the footage continued to make waves, gaining 28 million views, 3 million likes and 40,000 comments.

The party begins with an almost nightmarish cake fail. It would appear that Reece’s cake was modeled after the popular “pull me up” doll cake — but Eva’s glitter-and-sugar glaze reveal was far from Pinterest-worthy.

An avalanche of off-white, runny liquid, topped with lumps of glitter, came oozing down the uniced cake, taking Reece’s “Tangled” doll with it.

This cake catastrophe sent Eva into a fit of laughter. “I just peed my pants,” she said, wheezing between laughs. Her friends and family looked on, horrified, as Eva doubled over, clutching at her lower half.

“Grandma you just stepped in her pee!” one guest yelled.

“I didn’t do that,” little Reece insisted, clearly terribly confused by the adults around her.

“Eva, wipe up your urine,” her grandmother calmly demanded, handing her a roll of paper towels.

“What happened to this?” Reece asked, staring in confusion at her mangled cake.

“Can we sing?” the grandmother asked.

“For sure a core memory for that kid…”

Millions of people around the world weighed in on the calamitous — but hilarious — birthday disaster.

“That little girl is so confused. Like, can I just have my cake/doll abomination? Wtf is everyone laughing about?” one user joked.

“So the cake looked botched, the doll fell out, there was pee all over the floor and grandma stepped in it. For sure a core memory for that kid,” another user wrote.

“That is the funniest thing ever. I love how chill everyone is about it and just having a laugh. I guarantee this is going to be replayed for many many years in the future and will make them all laugh each time,” commented another user.

While Reece’s birthday party might not have been a Disney princess’s dream, it’s certainly one the family — and likely the Internet — will remember for a very long time.

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