Everything You Need to Decorate Holiday Cookies

Judy Kim
·3 min read

This year may have halted some holiday traditions, but I think we can all agree that cookies are still happening—and, frankly, they’re a requirement right now. Here are some tools that will help make your holiday baking sparkle a little brighter. They’ll make baking and decorating more convenient, less stressful, and extra fun. A silky smooth cookie spatula will help you transfer your cookies with ease; a cookie scoop will make you look like a pro by guaranteeing every cookie will bake evenly; and a graduated diamond cookie cutter means you can make cookies in a variety of sizes, or make filled cookies with a window to show off the filling (and, with it, you can make my Diamond Cardamom Sparkle Cookie recipe).


Cookie scoops

These scoops are great for making uniform and evenly baked drop cookies because they ensure that every cookie is exactly the same size.

Fayomir Cookie Scoop Set

$24.00, Amazon


Silicone cookie spatula

Once you have one of these, you’ll use it for more than just cookies. The thin edge and silicone surface make it ideal for transferring cookies from sheet pan to serving plate, but you’ll also use it for delicate flipping tasks, like fried eggs and pancakes, in the future.

OXO Good Grips Silicone Cookie Spatula

$12.00, Amazon


Dusting wand

Want a magically light dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder? This dusting wand—which looks like a tea ball but is actually designed to distribute an even layer of flour or sugar over baked goods—is your tool. Plus, unlike a fine mesh strainer, it won’t make a mess on your countertop: just rest the wand on the side without any perforation.

OXO Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand for Sugar, Flour, and Spices

$15.00, Amazon


Cookie cutters

Graduated diamond cutters

You’ll need this graduated diamond cutter set to make my Diamond Cardamom Sparkle Cookies—but its simple design and the variety of sizes mean you’ll use it for many cookie projects in the future.

Fox Run Diamond Cookie Cutters

$18.00, Amazon


Mini graduated cookie cutters

If you’re looking for more shape variety, this set of stars, hearts, circles, and squares in various sizes are perfect for making filled cookies. Use a smaller matching piece to create the window for your jam or dulce de leche filling—mix and match to make the cutout window a contrasting shape.

Mini Cookie Cutters, Geometric Shapes

$13.00, Amazon


Snowflake cutters

Make an array of snowflakes in various sizes and shapes. Or make snowflakes in each graduated size and stack them together and create a 3D tree.

Snowflake Cookie Cutters

$11.00, Amazon


Fluted round cutters

As you can see, I’m a fan of graduated cutters. This round cutter is multipurpose because it can be used both for cookies and biscuits and allows for a straight or fluted edge.

SurgeHai Round Fluted Cookie Cutters

$10.00, Amazon



Edible paint

This may be the year to gild the lily and make all your cookies extra. Coat chopped nuts in gold paint and use them to decorate your glazed cookies as we did here. Or paint straight onto a glazed cookie for a luxurious look.

Sweet Sticks Decorative Cake Paint

$14.00, Amazon


Instead of buying individual colors, use this small but mighty set to create nearly every color combination using the color guide.

Wilton Icing Colors

$13.00, Amazon


Rose gold jewel dust

Using rose gold jewel dust is another great way to make your holiday cookies shimmer and shine!

Rose Gold Jewel Dust

$10.00, Etsy


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