Everyone wants the Loewe Anagram tank top but we've just found an equally chic alternative for $300 cheaper

 Kylie Jenner is seen wearing the Loewe tank top, with a grey coat on September 30, 2022 in Paris, France/ in a blue and pink, grainy gradient template
Kylie Jenner is seen wearing the Loewe tank top, with a grey coat on September 30, 2022 in Paris, France/ in a blue and pink, grainy gradient template

Dubbed one of the most highly sought-after items of 2023 by Lyst, the Loewe tank top is the capsule wardrobe staple that everyone wants, but we might have just found a dupe that will save you hundreds.

Thanks to the world's current obsession with all things 'Quite Luxury,' the demand for expensive-looking, elevated basics has reached an all-time high—with the aforementioned Loewe Anagram vest topping the list of must-have QL staples. However, we draw the line at dropping $390 for a basic, white tank.

If you relate but also can't help but covet the piece (we get it), we've scoured the web for a few, equally stylish Loewe tank top dupes...

Get the Loewe tank top look minus the price

H&M Embroidered Rib-knit Tank Top

RRP: $26.99 (now $22.95)

A similar vibe to the Loewe Anagram cropped tank top, with white embroidered and seams.

Reformation Erina Knit Tank

RRP: $48

This tank top features a very similar shape to the Loewe top, with a central, black embroidered detailing. Also available in black.

H&M Ribbed Tank Top

RRP: $12.99 (now $11.05)

While it's not as QL as Loewe's top, this one from H&M features a similar idea and is very 'Mermaidcore.'

Publishing their trend index for 2023, Lyst says: "Loewe is the hottest brand in the world. One of the oldest luxury houses, under creative director Jonathan Anderson the Spanish brand has undergone a renaissance, climbing 13 places over the last 12 months to take the number one spot for the first time.

"This quarter, searches for Loewe have increased 19%. The Anagram tank top, spotted on Kylie Jenner, is the hottest product of the quarter."

So, it's indeed irrefutably popular, but for many of us we just can't justify spending over $50—let alone over $300—for a vest, even if it has been a key piece in Kylie Jenner's 'Quiet Luxury' style evolution.

Thankfully though, a few brands have cottoned on to the embroidered tank top demand, with brands like Reformation and H&M offering a few, affordable swaps.

Styling your Loewe tank

When it comes to styling your classic tank top, you can't go wrong with an all-white outfit or pairing it with a pair of blue, wide-leg jeans or suit pants—for a minimal but chic office look.

The small embroidered detail is perfect for elevating a basic fit, we'd also suggest accessorizing with some gold huggie earrings and a thin chain necklace. Bag-wise, we'd recommend coordinating it with the stitching of your tank, so if you get a white one with black detailing, rep a black handbag. Alternatively, you can keep your outfit simple or monochromatic and opt for a pop of color in the purse department.

Personally, we also think this tank was made to be paired with a chunky loafer or a pair of Adidas Sambas (which are also very in demand right now).