To Everyone Over the Chicken Sammie Already: 6 Popeyes Secret Menu Items Missing From Your Life

Annabel Iwegbue
·3 mins read
Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

From Cosmopolitan

Picture this: tears, social media frenzy, and astronomically long lines for a single meal.

No, it’s not the apocalypse. It’s last year’s rollout of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, an incident that sort of turned the world on its head. Once Popeyes decided to bless their customers with a sandwich iteration of their famous poultry, chaos was expected. Sure, the existing menu is bursting with classic hits. But clearly the people (aka YOU) want some bright and shiny new additions.

If you’re a fan of the Louisiana Kitchen and loved the adrenaline rush that a fresh new menu item provided but aren't down with the chaos that ensued around the chicken sammie, please sit down for what I’m about to tell you. There’s a whole effing roster of underground deliciousness that Popeyes has to offer. Yes, it’s true.

Beyond the familiar menu items lie the tools that you need to create extra flavorful sandwiches, mouth-watering loaded french fries, and desserts that you could’ve never imagined. And the power is all in your hands (and your wallet, ofc). Some diehard fans online have unlocked the key to accessing the full potential of Popeyes delicacies, so it’s only fair that you get clued in to the secret. Below, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks from the not-so-secret menu that’ll elevate your next Popeyes trip. Pay attention!!

1. Cajun Sparkle

So this isn’t technicallyyy a meal, but if you ask for a packet of the Cajun Sparkle seasoning, your life will be change by the edible fairy dust. It’ll add a kick to your biscuits, fries, sandwiches, the works. Most locations keep a stockpile, so ask nicely and you may receive this packet straight from heaven itself.

2. Blackened Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Yes, as stated before we know the chicken sandwich is already a phenomenon. But there’s actually a way to make it even better. I know, I'm shook too. Remove the top bun and add the Popeyes blackened ranch sauce to your sandwich as a spread. Or you can dip as you eat. To each their own! Man, your taste buds will thank you.

3. Cajun Gravy Fries

AKA DIY Poutine. AKA heaven. AKA....just...perfect??? If you don't remember, a couple years back some Popeyes locations featured a loaded fries option on the menu. Alas, that's no longe, but try this baby out to recreate what once was. All you have to do is drizzle the gravy over your fries. We know there's no pic here to show you, but it's the cajun gravy here that makes the Popeyes Mashed Potatoes go to the next level. Arguably, the sauce hits better drizzled over fries.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit

For a delectable dessert hack, ask for the cinnamon sugar used on their apple pie and season an order of biscuits with it. It’s the perf way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Aaaand if they won't just straight-up give you the cinnamon sugar, just order the apple pie and sprinkle it on yourself. Then you also have an apple pie, so I'm calling it a win-win.

5. Chicken Biscuit

Yup, this is breakfast’s answer to the chicken sandwich. Back in the olden days (aka pre-2019 before the sammie) customers used Popeyes' famous biscuits to mimic the sandwich experience, but today it still serves as the perfect morning treat.

6. Naked Chicken

Shocking as it may be, the non-deep fried options at Popeyes can be just as delicious. Order any of your typical chicken dishes ‘naked’ and they won’t add the breading. Whatever floats your boat!

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