6 Men’s Fashion Trends That Will Rule The Rest Of 2020

Maggie Griswold, Bella Gerard

Though this may come as breaking news to many folks, menswear trends are pervasive in all areas of fashion—including women’s. Seriously cool looks inspired by menswear are everywhere on Instagram, in street style, fast fashion brands and even runways, so whether you identify as a man, non-binary, woman or gender-fluid, the men’s fall 2020 fashion trends are for you. From vintage-inspired ensembles to bold and bright hues, these fall 2020 trends are—and I can’t emphasize this enough—for everyone. Come autumn, each and every one of us will be sporting these fall looks, so we might as well get ourselves prepared (and do a little bit of shopping, too).

Luckily, there are some stand out trends...

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