Everyday Heroes: Drew Barrymore's Ex-Boyfriend's New Fiancee Gifted Her Flowers

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Drew Barrymore's Ex's Fiancee Sent FlowersDimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

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  • Drew Barrymore has been using her daytime talk show to reconnect with her famous exes like Tom Green and Justin Long.

  • As it turns out, Long's appearance is thanks in part to his current partner, actress Kate Bosworth.

  • Bosworth and Barrymore have a strong friendship, with Kate even sending Drew a bouquet after her conversation with Long.

Who says it’s impossible to stay friends with your ex?

Drew Barrymore has given us all a few examples worth emulating, as she’s shared details of her high-profile relationships on her eponymous daytime talk show, now in its third season.

While she spends plenty of time on-air entertaining the crowd with upbeat stories and banter with celebs, she's also used her platform for personal closure on her high-profile relationships. Last year she made headlines after sitting down with her ex-husband, Freddy Got Fingered auteur Tom Green, to whom she was briefly married in 2001. Then, late last year, Barrymore sat down with Justin Long, star of Barbarian (for which, gonna say it, he should have gotten an Oscar nomination), who she dated on and off from 2007 to 2010.

As it turns out, the main reason for that reunion between exes is thanks to Long’s current girlfriend, actress Kate Bosworth. Bosworth recently appeared on Barrymore’s show to explain the pair’s friendship and the sweet floral gift Bosworth sent to Barrymore.

In their conversation, Barrymore praised Bosworth for taking "the high road" when it came to Barrymore and Long reconnecting on her show and talking about what they described as their "hedonistic" relationship.

"Because of your answer, I asked him if we could also be open about your relationship and talk about how we celebrate our exes and—because of your upbringing, because of who you are—we were able to celebrate your relationship. We, as women, have an opportunity,” said Barrymore. “We have a choice of how we can navigate our partners that we're currently with—with confidence and blessing and a sharing goodness—that makes all women look good and rise."

Bosworth agreed, adding, "I feel like if you really lean into the expansiveness of love, and that includes friendships, it's only for the better." And Bosworth also sent along a symbol of her friendship to Drew after she finished taping the conversation with Long: a cute bouquet.

"I got home to flowers with a card by her," Barrymore said, "and then immediately took a video of myself receiving the flowers because I wanted to keep the narrative going of how we can champion each other and how this would be the idyllic utopia in which we could live."

Barrymore called Bosworth one of her "behavioral heroes," and Bosworth reciprocated the sentiment. The two really stood by the idea that it would be a better world if we could all just be chill about our current significant others getting back in touch with their exes.

And you know what? I agree. And I'm going to try and follow their example. I just told my partner about my intentions to follow Barrymore and Bosworth's plan to "lean into the expansiveness of love." She hasn't finished responding to the plan yet, only texting, "If you unblock her, I swear to God and all that's holy, I will..."

I'm going to assume the second half is "...be thrilled that you're helping to create the idyllic utopia in which we could live."

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