Everybody's Talking About (and singing with) Jamie in the musical film's dreamy trailer

Shannon Miller
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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

20th Century Studios’ Everybody’s Talking About Jamie was originally scheduled to come out this year. Like everything else impacted by COVID, it was pushed back to January of next year, even though that date was looking rather ambitious, as well. But not even a raging pandemic can stop the technicolor aspirations of young drag hopeful Jamie New. While we don’t seem to be much closer to solving the coronavirus crisis at the moment, the studio is soldiering on with a late February theater date, and it even released a dreamy new trailer to cement its (current) confidence in the release.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is a film adaptation of the West End stage musical from director Jonathan Buttrell, writer Tom MacRae, and composer-songwriter Dan Gillespie Sells. Based on a true story, newcomer Max Harwood plays the titular gay teen who wishes to debut his new drag persona at his school’s prom. It won’t be an easy task, as he will have to face regionally upheld gender norms and the disapproval of his father. At least there will be sweeping musical numbers to look forward to in between all of the glowering and homophobia.

Though the premise feels vaguely reminiscent of Billy Elliot, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie obviously digs beyond challenged gender norms and explores identity and gender expression, as well. Though Broadway is on hold for the foreseeable future, the original stage musical is set to return in November. If you don’t see yourself heading across the pond any time soon, you can just wait for the film to arrive to tentatively arrive to theaters February 26, 2021—just in time for awards season. Check out the trailer below.