Every Song from the ‘Last Chance U’ Season 5 Soundtrack

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Photo credit: Netflix

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Season five of Netflix’s Last Chance U feels different. Laney College, the junior college (JuCo) profiled in the series, varies from previously featured schools—including East Mississippi Community College (for seasons 1-2) and Independence Community College (for seasons 3-4). The Netflix series notes that Laney College does not provide dorms for its students—the Oakland college is instead a commuter school—which means that many California natives travel hours to class and practice every day. Unlike in previous Last Chance U locations, players live primarily in urban neighborhoods, some working jobs to pay for gas and food, others already with wives and children.

The economic incentives are, therefore, more salient this season. Winning college scholarships doesn’t just mean more football; it means a more forgiving professional playing field, as local students and families battle rapid housing inflation—many players who grew up in Oakland can no longer afford to live there. These are challenges we haven’t yet seen in Netflix’s football series. They make for the most personal and emotional season so far, and one of the best streaming sports documentaries of recent years.

A big part of capturing that tone is the series’ music, which has been phenomenal for each of its five seasons. Series director Greg Whiteley also helmed the Netflix series Cheer, which features a similar tone and documentary style. (Both series share crew credits, including composer Yuri Tománek and editor David Nordstrom.)

Here’s another thing that makes this season different: unlike other schools with football programs, Laney has no visible marching band. And so the opening credits to the show features instead a lone drummer on the sidewalk. It’s a telling image for the gritty independence the series attaches to the city of Oakland, as well as its players.

Since music is so important, we pulled together every track from the show’s fifth season. Here’s the complete list.

Episode 1

"Ruined Lands" by Audiopharmacy

"Thizzle Dance" by Mac Dre

"Yes We Can Can" by The Pointer Sisters

"You're Still A Young Man" by Tower Of Power

Episode 2

"Make The Road By Walking" by Menahan Street Band

"Up From The South" by The Budos Band

"Day Of Rest" by Marvin Holmes & The Uptights

"Blow the Whistle" by Too $hort

Episode 3

"Blacktop Gone" by Jason Aldean

Episode 5

"Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City" by Bobby Blue Bland

"Oakland feat. DJ Mustard" by Vell

Episode 6

"I Got 5 On It" by Luniz

Episode 7

"Hard Times" by Baby Huey

"Remember the Rain" by Kadhja Bonet

Episode 8

"Like Yesterday" by Monophonics

"Fire and Brimstone" by Link Wray

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