Every Single Last Elin Hilderbrand Book In Order

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Here's Every Elin Hilderbrand Book In OrderCourtesy of Publishers
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So you picked up a book and want to read more from that author–like, for example, beach read best-seller Elin Hilderbrand–only to find that they have dozens of books that are different on the inside but kind of similar on the outside? Where do you dive in? How do you know you aren't accidentally starting with book 3 of a series? To make things easier, here's every Elin Hilderbrand book in order including those aforementioned series.

If you're eager to see Hilderbrand's works on screen, however, you may need to wait. Filming for a series adaptation of The Perfect Couple has been shut down due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, including b-roll shoots in which Netflix seemingly tried to use pedestrians as extras and therefore unintentional scabs. Local actors and crew members shut down filming for the day, which Hilderbrand was reportedly not happy about. That's disappointing to hear, to say the least.

Some of Hilderbrand's books fall into series and others are isolated romances, mysteries, and sun-soaked dramas. But for those who are just looking for which beach (be it summer, winter, or paradise) read to pick up next, here's what you need to know.

These Four Books Make Up "The Winter Series"

They tell the story of the Quinn family.

This Trio Is Called "The Paradise Series"

In which you'll follow the journey of Irene Steele and her complicated family.

The Rest (More or Less) Are "The Summer Series"

Intimidated? Don't be. This isn't a series like Anne of Green Gables or Nancy Drew with one protagonist and/or an ongoing storyline. While characters from some of the summer books do pop up in other books (Nantucket is an island after all–people are sure to know each other) you could probably pick up whatever book sounds most interesting and start there.

Okay, here's *every* Elin Hilderbrand novel in order...

  • The Beach Club (2000)

  • Nantucket Nights (2002)

  • Summer People (2003)

  • The Blue Bistro (2005)

  • The Love Season (2006)

  • Barefoot (2007)

  • A Summer Affair (2008)

  • The Castaways (2009)

  • The Island (2010)

  • Silver Girl (2011)

  • Summerland (2012)

  • Beautiful Day (2013)

  • The Matchmaker (2014)

  • Winter Street (2014)

  • The Rumor (2015)

  • Winter Stroll (2015)

  • Here's To Us (2016)

  • Winter Storms (2016)

  • The Identicals (2017)

  • Winter Solstice (2017)

  • The Perfect Couple (2018)

  • Winter in Paradise (2018)

  • Summer of '69 (2019)

  • What Happens in Paradise (2020)

  • 28 Summers (2020)

  • Troubles in Paradise (2020)

  • Golden Girl (2021)

  • The Hotel Nantucket (2022)

  • The Five-Star Weekend (2023)

  • Endless Summer (2023)

    • This is a collection of short stories, that include some of the stories below.

  • Swan Song (2024)

...And Here Are The Short Stories

  • "The Surfing Lesson: An Original Short Story" (2013)

  • "The Tailgate: An Original Short Story" (2014)

  • "Summer of '79: A Summer of '69 Story" (2020)

  • "The Sixth Wedding: A 28 Summers Story" (2021)

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