Everlane Just Dropped the Perfect Summer Shirt—and It’s Moving Fast

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Photo credit: Everlane
Photo credit: Everlane

Is there anything more perfectly summery than the camp-collar shirt? Linen would be a strong contender. The crunchy, airy fabric is pretty much synonymous with summer. So—this might sound a little wild, but hear me out—what if someone were to put them together? Groundbreaking, right? Well, kinda. Camp shirts, with all their flowy, beachy vibes, tend to be made of something a bit more swooshy, like silk or tencel. So Everlane dropping a quartet of them made from linen is more of an event than you might think.

Or maybe you're quite well aware of the rarer-than-average nature of this new product release. Maybe you've already identified the opportunity you have and scooped all four options into your cart. Hey, man, it's possible—especially considering that the shirts just hit Everlane's website and are already selling fast. (There's even a little badge on them that says "Selling fast!") The consumer of 2021 is a savvy sort. And when it comes to stocking up on summer shirting, this savvy consumer isn't going to miss out on an opportunity to score an ultra-breezy, cool-as-hell (both literally and figuratively) linen camp shirt for a scant $50.

Whether you're bowled over by this Hot New Product News or simply taking it in stride, you should seriously consider purchasing one (or a few) of these new camp shirts. When the mercury is practically bursting through the top of the thermometer and the heat waves are visible over the cement, a great camp shirt in a super-breathable fabric is the sartorial equivalent of a cold glass of water. Or, better yet, a Tiki drink with crushed ice spilling over the side as condensation begins to settle on the exterior. Cool. Refreshing. Enlivening. Just the sort of thing to sip in your new shirt.

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