Ever Wonder What Happens When Natural Selection Tour Wraps?

If you have kept up with the Natural Selection Tour for the past couple of years, you can probably tell that it is an all in type of event. The riders really dedicate a lot of their time, effort, energy, and physical and mental bandwidth to the Natural Selection Tour. So... what happens when it is over? Well, they gave us the courtesy of filling us in, and the answer is a heart-warming one.

Full caption: "What happens when the tour wraps?Four riders headed over to Hemsedal, Norway to decompress at the 6th annual Bang Slalom. @ben_ferguson, @big_air_jare, @ulrikbadertscher and event mastermind, @mikkel_bang competed alongside other industry players Mark Sollors, Stale Sandbech, Andrew Marriner, Stan Leveille and Sam Taxwood, only to be mercilessly taken out by local norse dark horse, Brage RichenbergSeemingly one of the last remaining snowboard events unmarred by the burden of having to be anything other than a good time, the Bang Slalom is a salt of the earth answer to why snowboarding"

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