The Ever After Estate is your next private island dream vacation

Emerald Pellot

Why go to an amusement park when you can go to the Ever After Estate? 

The Hollywood-inspired vacation home, with a luxury touch, is a private 62-acre island estate. Families will especially love the whimsical Orlando property. While outdoors you can enjoy central Florida’s natural marshlands, play mini-golf or relax at the poolside theater. Meanwhile, inside, guests will find that each of Ever After’s 12 bedrooms has an exciting movie theme like “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars.”

“There’s a main house, there’s an entertainment building and there’s a guest house,” homeowner Andrew Greenstein told In The Know. “We have four video game arcades, two and a half kitchens and I am only beginning to scratch the surface.” 

The main house contains the board game room, video game room, an “Eat Pray Love” kitchen, a carousel horse living room and the entrance to a massive water slide. The entertainment building houses an arcade pinball, move theater, skeeball, along with a ball pit with a slide and indoor rock climbing. 

“This is the ball pit. It has over 23,000 colorful air-filled balls. Everything here is about Marvel versus D.C.” Greenstein told In The Know. 

In the “Star Wars” bedroom, Greenstein custom-built an AT-AT Walker bed and added life-sized figurines of Yoda, R2D2 and lightsabers. The guest house has other themed bedrooms including “James Bond,” “Rocky” and “Beauty and the Beast.” 

“We had this king-size bed made like a boxing ring so you can step into the ring, bring somebody to fight with and fight until you tap out,” Greenstein joked. 

The huge property can sleep two to 40 guests. So grab a few dozen of your closest friends and book your visit.

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