EventFund Bringing Life Back to Independent Event Promotion

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2021 / EventFund is the brainchild of the partnership between Jake Kasheta and his two partners, David Berry and Jon Haile. They cofounded Primary Endeavors, a boutique investment and consulting firm. Jake Kasheta consults and co-manages an investment fund for music and entertainment projects and ventures. Launching EventFund as a new initiative is a move to rebuild independent promotion and make it popular across the entertainment industry.

EventFund works with event producers to provide funding, simplify accounting, and reduce the financial risks attached to bringing events to life.

To make EventFund a success, Jake Katesha and his partners have partnered with Nightout, and together, they are set to make the project a success. With his experience from consulting for musicians and entertainers, he has worked with different stakeholders and industry leaders. He hopes that his new project will give him the opportunity to share his expertise with the next generation of event promoters and producers.

Before joining the corporate side of entertainment, Jake got more than enough entertainment experience growing up. As a high school student, he threw some of the best parties in the Bay Area, and his annual New Year party in Tahoe was the talk of the town. It was a no-brainer that he chose to work in the industry, and he is even on the verge of reviving a crucial part of the industry that has been in limbo for years.

Over the years, Jake has turned his youth-hood passion into a profession and has established his name as one of the most seasoned touring professionals and event producers. He has worked with various talents such as Del The Funky Homosapien, Thievery Corporation, Alison Wonderland, and Bassnectar to name a few. He has also worked with global brands and event clients such as Heineken, Red Bull, Restoration Hardware, Formula 1, Formula E, ABB, DHL, 7Up, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and CAA, Ultra Music Festival, Diriyah Season, Riyadh Season, Dakar Rally, and Sundance Film Festival, among others. Some of the most creative marketing agencies globally have also worked with Jake, such as Phntm Labs, The Say Ok, and Corso Marketing Group.

Jake's biggest passion is bringing people together to have a good time, and he has successfully done that as a professional since he was eighteen years old. His skills as a leader and his keen eye for spotting ineffectiveness have contributed largely to his success. While building his name, he was lucky enough to learn the ropes from various mentors, who work in the live event space. This greatly bolstered Jake for the challenge ahead, and since then, he has worked his way up from the loading docks to production director for corporate giants like YouTube, Google, Microsoft, Heineken, Restoration Hardware, etc. After a decade in the business, Jake chose to turn toward the investment and financial side of entertainment, which has been largely successful, thanks to the reputation and trust he has built over the years.

Building EventFund is a major step in the right direction, and with the name Jake Kasheta involved, industry stakeholders are sure to eagerly throw their weight behind the project, giving independent event production the boost it needs to come back alive.

Learn more about EventFund on theofficial website. You can also learn more about Jake Katesha on hisofficial Instagram page andLinkedIn page or Primary Endeavors'official website.

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