Even Snow Can't Stop the Memphis 'Peabody Ducks' From Taking Their Daily March

One of the most beloved traditions in Memphis takes place at the Peabody hotel. Every day the Peabody ducks march at 11 o'clock to the hotel lobby where they hang out in the hotel's fountain until 5 o'clock.

No matter how snowy the weather is on the rooftop where the ducks live. Check out the following video to see these ducks line up and their adorable footprints as they march through the winter storm.

The TikTok account for @duckmasterkenon showed the ducks marching through the snow and lining up before they make their way down to the lobby. TikTok users absolutely adore this tradition and @Adriana asks, "What is it like to literally have all your ducks in a row?" @Regan replies, "The webby feet prints make me so happy; thank you." @Beth hilariously adds, "They are like “We are southern house ducks not wild ducks. We don’t do this white stuff. Please take me inside sir.”@Learninging comments, "Being a Memphian, I love both of these! Snow and the Peabody ducks! Thank you for sharing."

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It's just such a lovely tradition and the marching of the ducks with their official duck master has been taking place for almost 90 years, no matter what the weather is outside.

The History of the Peabody Ducks

History says that way back in the 1930's the General manager of the Peabody, Frank Schutt, and his pal, Chip Barwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip in Arkansas. The Peabody website explains that "The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin' whiskey and and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English call ducks were selected as "guinea pigs" and the reaction from the guests was nothing short of enthusiastic. And that's how the tradition began.

When these ducks aren't hanging out in the fountain they live on the rooftop at the duck palace. This 24 by 12 foot enclosure features granite flooring, ceiling fans, a scale replica of the hotel, a fountain decorated with a pair of bronze ducks, and a large viewing window for guests to see them in their new home. The Duck Palace cost approximately $200,000 to construct and was erected for the 75th anniversary of the duck tradition.

If you are interested in being a guest at this gorgeous historic hotel and seeing the ducks for yourself, you can visit the website for The Peabody Hotel here. It would just be amazing to see this tradition in person!

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