Even on Lockdown, Maluma Embodies Superstar Swagger

Avidan Grossman
Photo credit: Screenshot: Instagram
Photo credit: Screenshot: Instagram

From Esquire

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Listen, man: the life of an international pop superstar ain't easy. And living that life on lockdown? Even more difficult. Well, folks, if any man is up for the challenge, it's Maluma. The Columbian reggaeton phenom took to IG over the weekend to update his followers on his progress, and, as per usual, he didn't disappoint. Strutting his shit boat-side in a newly bleached 'do and two full sleeves worth of tats, Maluma represents what we in the business might refer to as a BIG MOOD. And that's before we even get to the fit!

Gyrating hypnotically in a mint green matching set from Daily Paper, the Amsterdam-based brand that specializes in the look, accessorized with a chunky silver chain and white calfskin bag—both courtesy of Dior, and the latter one of the brand's most iconic silhouettes—Maluma very much looks the part of the swaggering, thirst-trapping performer he is, on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans or on his dock (!) dancing for an audience of one.

Topped off with some futuristic shades and a pair of camo slides he makes look so louche they're almost elegant, Maluma is an apt reminder that the best way to remain sane during these turbulent and often deeply distressing times is to remain unabashedly yourself. Especially if that involves getting dressed like you've got somewhere to go and then, to paraphrase the saying your wackiest aunt has printed and framed in one of the many small nooks in her house, dancing like no one's watching—even if millions are.

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