The 'Eurovision' Cast Is Stacked With Celebrity Cameos and Real Song Contest Winners

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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Netflix's Will Ferrell movie, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (my god, that name) is such a quirky treat of a comedy that it's hard to believe that the film is based off an actual song competition that takes place every year, somewhere in the world. Don't expect the real competition to come to America though. We're not in the European club! In 53 years, the contest has remained a pop culture secret to most Americans, but not anymore.

The movie stars Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as two Icelandic friends trying to achieve their dream of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. It's filled with the lavish costumes, glittery pop music, and earnest, over-the-top artists who populate the actual event (Fun fact: both Celine Dion and ABBA have won the amateur singing contest). But the most important part is the personalities of these ambitious weirdos, some of whom are played by actual musicians and Eurovision performers and winners.

The movie is dotted with cameos from celebrities (a charred and dismembered Demi Lovato, being one) and Eurovision stars from the event's storied history. We've run down some of the famous faces who pop up on screen throughout Fire Saga.

Demi Lovato

Lovato plays a small role as Iceland's initial pick for Eurovision. Unfortunately, her character is blown up on a boat and the sporadically appears in the film as a charred, mangled ghost.

Graham Norton

If that British commentator sounded familiar throughout the movie, it's because it's the voice of, well, famed British commentator, Graham Norton. While he may not be the most famous face in the States, Norton hosts a wildly successful talk series in the U.K. titled The Graham Norton Show.

Natasia & Jamie Demetriou

Other familiar faces you may recognize during your screening are British sibling duo Natasia (What We Do in the Shadows) & Jamie (Fleabag) Demetriou.

And then of course, in that wild group mashup number, there is a whole line up of past real life Eurovision contestants that lend their voice to the performance, dating back a decade. Here's who you can spot:

2009 Norwegian contestant, Alexander Rybak

2010 French contestant, Jessy Matador

2012 Swedish winner, Loreen

2014 Austrian winner, Conchita Wurst

2016 Ukrainian winner, Jamala

2017 Portuguese winner, Salvador Sobral

2018 Israeli winner, Netta

2018 Estonian contestant, Elina Netšajeva

2019 Swedish contestant, John Lundvik

2019 French contestant, Bilal Hassani

2019 Moldavian contestant, Anna Odobescu

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