European Airline Vows to Cut Off Drunk Passengers


To curb the number of drunk passengers on its flights, SAS airlines will limit the number of alcoholic beverages served to each person. (Photo: Corbis)

Some people treat flying like spring break. They kick off their shoes, talk embarrasingly loud, and drink like it’s going out of style.

No one likes to sit next to sit next to these people, and thanks to one airline, you might not have to.

SAS airlines has just announced new guidelines that will limit the number of drinks served to passengers. Starting immediately, the Scandinavian carrier will cut off passengers after three alcoholic drinks on its intra-Europe flights.

It’s a bold move, but according to Malin Selander, head of SAS media relations, something had to be done. “We had a few situations last year, but I can’t go into the details,” he told The Local. “These are not hard and fast rules, but guidelines that cabin crew can lean on so that if passengers appear to be getting too drunk they can be asked to stop drinking.”

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He looks happy now, but he can only have two more drinks after this. (Photo: Corbis)

The guidelines are also applicable to every passenger, regardless of what class they’re sitting in. Even if a passenger is flying in SAS Plus, where food and drinks are free, the flight attendant can cut still cut them off.

If you think pounding a few drinks before you board is a smart way to get around the guidelines, think again. SAS customers can already be prevented from boarding the plane if they appear to be too drunk.

Drunk passengers causing commotion in the air has been an issue for many airlines, and SAS isn’t the first to impose new guidelines.

RyanAir’s route from Glasgow to Ibiza was known to be “notoriously rowdy” due to the number of drunk people on the plane. After several incidents, the airline banned passengers from bringing their own alcohol onto the plane.

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