How to do the 'Euphoria' eye TikTok trend

The latest Euphoria trend on TikTok will have you feeling as artsy and stylized as the hit HBO series. The television show about teens navigating adolescence under some pretty grim circumstances is known for its moody and vibrant cinematography. So it's no surprise people are using the Euphoria filter to transform their ordinary eyes into bold and surreal visuals. TikToker @jazzthornton_ provided a tutorial on how to do the ethereal challenge. Step 1: Create a new TikTok video. Step 2: Add the sound "Feel Something" by Bea Miller (uploaded by @valcarpintero). Then set the sound to play for 9 seconds. Step 3: Make sure your camera is in selfie mode. Hit record and slowly zoom the lens towards one of your eyes. Step 4: When Miller sings the lyric "again" close your eyes. Pause your recording. Step 5: Switch to the back camera and activate the Euphoria filter. Step 6: Zoom into the opposite eye. Grab a small lamp or light source and hover it over your head to create shadows on your face and eyes. Step 7: Continue playing the "Feel Something" sound. Set a time for 3 seconds. Close your eyes and when the timer goes off open them again. This should create the desired Euphoria eye effect

Video Transcript