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A woman wearing espadrille
A woman wearing espadrille

High heels might look great — and make you feel confident — but they’re not usually far from comfortable. And did you know that synthetic leather, rubber, and plastic are the most used materials for making heels? Though these materials make footwear look stylish and fancy, they don’t meet standards of sustainability. For the optimal pair of stylish footwear that’s comfortable and eco-friendly, making them good for you and the planet, consider espadrille wedges.

These unique shoes come in two types: wedge heels and platform sandals. What sets them apart from other heels is a jute-covered midsole. Jute is eco-friendly, durable, and adds natural, boho flair that you won’t find in any other footwear. To help you find a cute pair that suits your preferences, check out the finest espadrilles of 2022. Let’s get into these chic picks and step into the world of eco-friendly style.

Top Picks

Best overall: Vince Camuto Women’s Espadrille Wedges

Braided jute wedge with hand whipstitching detail
Braided jute wedge with hand whipstitching detail

From casual outings to parties, these espadrille wedges from Vince Camuto are the perfect bridge between comfortable and cute. This pair comes with a reliable platform sole to offer you exceptional comfort while walking. Its heels boost your height to make your legs look longer. Its braided jute-covered wedge features hand whipstitching detail that enhances its overall elegance and classiness. It’s also bolstered with an adjustable ankle strap and gold-toned buckle closure for an extra snug fit around your foot. Between their stylish look and high-quality materials, these are the best espadrilles on our list.

Key Features:

  • Available in five colors

  • Sizes range from 5 to 11

  • Platform sole is 0.5 inches thick

  • Wedge heel measures 2.75 inches

  • Made of jute, leather, and rubber

Most comfortable: Cushionaire Cork Espadrille Sandals

Soft stretch gore upper
Soft stretch gore upper

If you don’t like high heels yet want platform-styled footwear, Cushionaire has got you covered with this splendid pair of espadrilles. It features a thick platform to boost your height but not at the sacrifice of your comfort. Its upper has two open straps at the front and an ankle strap to secure your feet and make walking easy. You can easily adjust this footwear, owing to its stretchy upper straps that offer a snug fit. Its cushioned cork insole enhances comfort, while the rubber outsole provides excellent traction and grip. On top of this, these espadrille sandals are reinforced with a jute-styled midsole for a classy look.

Key Features:

  • Available in five colors

  • Standard and wide sizes from 6 to 11

  • Platform heel is 2 inches thick

  • Made of jute and cork

Tallest heel: Lucky Brand Women’s Espadrille Wedges

Espadrille wedges made of jute, canvas and rubber
Espadrille wedges made of jute, canvas and rubber

With the highest heels on the list, these espadrille wedges are perfect for women looking for the tallest option. Its canvas upper with frayed edges and jute-wrapped wedge enhance its overall beauty. It also comes with a lightly padded footbed to reduce abrasions on the soles of your feet. Thanks to its rubber outsole, this pair increases traction and offers an outstanding grip. Its open toe and ankle strap with buckle closure also keep the footwear safely secured on your feet.

Key Features:

  • Available in eight colors

  • Size ranges from 5 to 12 wide

  • Sole has a height of 3 inches

  • Platform heel is 0.5 inches thick

  • Made of jute, canvas and rubber

Most affordable: Soda Clip Ankle Strap Espadrille Sandals

It is normal to have some scuffs on PU material
It is normal to have some scuffs on PU material

This super-affordable pair of espadrilles from Soda Clip redefines style and comfort completely. Its soft footbed keeps your feet safe from abrasions and aches, while the textured outsole adds more traction for comfortable walks on all floor types. Thanks to its open-toe design, you won't have to worry about blisters forming between your toes. Its front toe and ankle straps are comparatively wider, ensuring your feet can’t feel pressure from thinner belts. Plus, the ankle straps come reinforced with metallic pins to prevent any damage. Its rope-covered midsole also adds to its overall charm.

Key Features:

  • Available in nine colors

  • Size varies between 5.5 and 11

  • Platform height is about 1.5 inches

  • Made of polyurethane and jute

Classic design: The Drop Women’s Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Comes with a synthetic lining
Comes with a synthetic lining

If you want wedge footwear for regular use, these espadrille wedge sandals made by The Drop are the perfect option. Made with a soft upper and a high-quality outsole, this pair is the perfect blend of durability and longevity. Its dual front straps and ankle straps keep it in place, regardless of your walking speed. Since the platform and wedge heights are similar, this footwear boasts a slightly angled slope for optimal comfort. This design reduces pain in your ankles and ensures a nice fit and walk. Its jute-covered midsole is thicker than other espadrilles, adding a boho charm to the overall structure.

Key Features:

  • Available in five colors

  • Size ranges from 5 to 13

  • Wedge heel is about 2.5 inches high

  • Platform height of 1.5 inches

  • Made of jute, polyurethane and rubber

Buying guide: Espadrilles

Espadrilles are one of the classiest and most beautiful footwear options, conveniently suitable for experimenting with many new styles. Their prime benefit is the comfort they offer as compared to regular heels. But with so many different options, selecting the right pair isn’t easy. Make a successful purchase by following this detailed buying guide on espadrilles.

Types of espadrilles

You will find two different types of espadrilles on the market, described below.

  • Platform heel espadrille: A platform heel espadrille has even or almost even height across its sole. This means the midsole is of the same height along the entire length of the shoe. As there is no height difference, the slope is zero. It will keep your feet safe from the pain and aches that women usually experience when they wear high heels for a long time.

  • Wedge espadrille: In a wedge espadrille, the ankle region is much higher than the ball region of your feet. It has a downward slope to boost your height more efficiently. If you do not have any foot problems, this type should be suitable if you’re looking for an alternative to conventional high heels.

What makes espadrilles so popular?

Espadrilles have gained immense popularity in recent years. If you are skeptical about trying this footwear, the below-mentioned facts may ease some of your concerns.

1. With an array of espadrilles to choose from, you can easily find a pair that meets your needs.

2. Espadrilles have a unique fashion statement, owing to the rope or jute-covered midsole.

3. It’s an ideal accessory for casual and formal outfits.

4. Many espadrilles are eco-friendly, owing to the inclusion of a jute midsole, cork insole, or leather upper.

What to consider while choosing the perfect espadrille

  • Size: If your chosen espadrille is one size smaller, your feet won't sit properly on its footbed. Similarly, when you get a product in a size that’s too large, it will slip off your feet or cause discomfort. So, do not select the size randomly. Measure your shoe size and compare it with the provided size chart to choose the most comfortable option.

  • Upper: Most espadrilles feature a leather upper as it’s highly durable and doesn't cause abrasions on your feet. Some products come with a synthetic upper, but they might not offer the same durability or comfort.

  • Insole and midsole: If you do not suffer from podiatric problems, feel free to choose any espadrille insole. But if you want orthotic benefits, choose an espadrille with cushioned insoles. As one of the defining features of an espadrille, these shoes have a jute rope-covered midsole that heightens the overall beauty.

  • Outsole: With heels, you might sometimes run into trouble keeping your balance. So, you should choose an espadrille with a textured or rubber outsole. Either way, the chosen footwear will offer excellent traction and improved grip. You won't lose your balance or experience difficulty walking over slippery floors.

  • Closure: Espadrilles usually come with an ankle strap closure that can keep the footwear secured around your feet. You can adjust the strap’s tightness with a buckle. Some footwear products come with a covered ankle region to make you feel more comfortable. But if a covered back causes blisters, go for an espadrille with a thin strap and open back.

  • Silhouette: Most espadrilles have an open-toe silhouette for easy slip-on and slip-off. You won't have to waste time and effort putting the footwear on and securing it.

  • Color: The two most prominent styles of espadrilles are tan brown (insole) and light beige (midsole). Outsoles usually come in a white or brown shade while the uppers come in white or other neutral or light colors. Choose a pair of espadrilles that match your style statement.

People also asked

Q: Can I wear my espadrilles for a formal outing?

A: Yes, you can certainly wear a pair of espadrilles for a formal event like an office party, a business meeting, or a conference. But ensure that your footwear matches your outfit.

Q: How should I select the right size for a pair of espadrilles?

A: Since espadrilles don’t have stretchable straps, you must choose the footwear according to your regular size.

Q: How will I remove stain marks from espadrille wedges?

A: If the upper of your espadrilles has stain marks, use a mild cleaning solution and toothbrush to remove the dirt.