Erin And Ben Napier Explain Why They Have Very Strict Rules Regarding Social Media For Their Daughters

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HGTV fans are used to seeing Ben and Erin Napier’s faces not only knocking down walls on television, but on Instagram posts, advertisements, and a lot more. The couple has been willing to share a lot of their lives with their fans, but one thing you almost never see is the faces of their two young daughters. There’s a very good reason for that.

The Napiers sat down with for an interview and shared their thoughts on social media, particularly how it could impact the lives of their daughters, five-year old Helen and 21-month old Mae. While the couple occasionally shares photos of their girls online, they keep their faces hidden. The Napiers made that choice both to protect their kiddos’ privacy, but also to allow them to grow up as far from the spotlight as possible. “How would I feel about it, if I went back in time and saw my mom posted all of this stuff for the world to see? How would I feel about that?” Erin told

Ben agreed: “What if you went back 30 years and started publicizing the things that I did, and my brothers and my friends, before I knew better?”

While their daughters are still young, the Home Town Takeover stars have already outlined their policies for how their daughters will spend their time online. They told Today that it was their "personal policy" to not allow the girls "any access to social media until they're done with high school" when they're "old enough to see it for what it is."

"It's our job to build a hedge of protection around their heart until they're strong enough to fight that battle," Erin later said. It’s a worthy goal, but as most parents to teenagers will agree, it may be very hard to enforce without a fight or a lot of teenage attitude.

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