Erika Priscilla brilliantly skewers influencers with parody videos

These days, it seems like everyone is an influencer. It’s hard to keep up with them all. Thankfully, you only have to keep up with Erika Priscilla. The 27-year-old TikTok star has been posting hilarious videos that take on the clichés of influencer culture since lockdown started. She’s brilliantly parodying Instagram stars through her character, Qelsi. Qelsi knows all the hottest new lingo, can be spotted at a photoshoot or a winery and is, of course, seemingly always on the verge of a breakdown. She said her favorite part of influencer culture to poke fun at is the way so many of them seem to recycle the same phrases. “For example, starting every video with ‘hey guys’ or before sharing details of your new top, making it a point to tell everyone you’ve ‘been getting SO many questions about the top’”. Some well-known influencer cliches that Qelsi has taken on are the rare serious video, having a so-called “Instagram boyfriend” and constantly giggling. She’s also poked fun at the way influencers hop on Instagram live “really quickly” to talk and how they do so at inconvenient times