Eric Stonestreet Wears a Bronzer That Bobbi Brown Personally Made for Him

What's actor Eric Stonestreet's secret to looking so sun-kissed? Bronzer, of course! (Photo: Getty)
What is actor Eric Stonestreet’s secret to looking so sun-kissed? Bronzer, of course! (Photo: Getty Images)

As if Eric Stonestreet weren’t a good enough sport already, now the Modern Family star is upping his game. Stonestreet put his best face forward on Instagram a few days ago, telling the world why his skin always looks so good: He’s wearing makeup, obviously. Stonestreet says, “A lot of people(one)have asked me: Eric, how do you always have such a beautiful glowing color to your skin. Well, here you go. @justbobbibrown made me MY OWN BRONZER! it’s called Stonestreet. You can buy it at stores and have me all over your face. Wait. #noredtones #bobbibrown #makeup.”

Fans were eating it up. “I don’t know if it’s the “bronzer” or the smirk that makes you look kinda cute in this photo ;)” wrote @btoia. “I’m sure you don’t need bronzer to look great, but as a bronzer user myself I totally understand,” @wendyrae102 added.

“Stonestreet” is actually one shade in a line of eight bronzers, one of which is named for another male star: radio personality Elvis Duran.

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It’s nothing short of refreshing that Stonestreet, who plays gay character Cameron “Cam” Tucker on TV and is heterosexual in real life, is being so open about using cosmetics (mostly for television appearances, we’re assuming). He follows in the footsteps of one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood: the famously guylinered Johnny Depp, who has also been known to wear concealer, bronzer, and nail polish — even offscreen.

Of course, “man makeup” is usually the territory of rock stars like Jared Leto, Pete Wentz, Brandon Flowers, and Adam Lambert. Or rock stars in spirit like Russell Brand and David Beckham. And Howard Stern Show personality and writer Sal Governale has been open about covering his under-eye circles with concealer, famously heading home in a blizzard to get his precious CoverFX.

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According to the Gloss, Sherlock heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch fooled us all by wearing concealer at the Golden Globes last year to hide signs of jet lag (we don’t blame him!). He told the Cut, “Makeup is a wonderful thing for men as well as women.” And pretty-boy stars including Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney have also been rumored to wear cosmetics for red-carpet appearances.

Benedict Cumberbatch attends a 2015 Golden Globes after party. His flawless skin was achieved with concealer. (Photo: Getty)
Benedict Cumberbatch attends a 2015 Golden Globes afterparty. His flawless skin was achieved with concealer. (Photo: Getty Images)

But nonfamous dudes might also be taking notes from celebs like Stonestreet. According to the Daily Mail, one in 10 British men secretly (or not-so-secretly) wears makeup, according to a survey of more than 1,800 men. A whopping 21 percent said they wear it every day!

A similar study conducted on men in both the U.S. and U.K. found that men are feeling increasingly pressured to wear cosmetics and toiletries, with moisturizer (not a bad idea for anyone, really), lip balm, and waxing being among the most popular beauty choices, though 11 percent use foundation and 10 percent use concealer. Only 26 percent of men polled said they use nothing at all.

According to a recent survey mentioned by the Frisky, it’s millennials who are really making it OK for men to wear makeup. The majority of men surveyed — 60 percent — use women’s skin care products, 14 percent wear nail polish, and and 18 percent don foundation.

The only logical conclusion, then, would be for cosmetics companies to start formulating lines for men. And they are: Tom Ford for Men was one of the first to launch a skin care and grooming line, and brands like Aesop, NYR, Kiehl’s, and Clarins have followed suit. And, of course, there’s the men’s skin care line by Bobbi Brown, who made Stonestreet’s namesake bronzer.

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