Er, Brian Austin Green Believes He and Megan Fox Could Get Back Together Someday

Starr Bowenbank
·2 mins read

From Cosmopolitan

  • Brian Austin Green seems pretty hopeful that he and Megan Fox will get back together someday.

  • Brian and Megan have been separated since December 2019, and Megan has since moved on to dating Machine Gun Kelly.

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox may have split last year, but something tells me that he is taking their whole break up a little harder than Megan is rn. I mean, if Brian wasn't a teensy bit salty about Megan moving on with Machine Gun Kelly so fast, he wouldn't have posted that very shady Instagram pic, right? Brian just can't seem to let it go, because now he's saying that he sees him and Megan reuniting the future. I applaud him for trying to manifest this energy into his life.

During Brian's Instagram Live on Saturday, he revealed that he has hope that he cold get back with Megan...despite the fact that she is very much with MGK. “I never say never,” he said. “I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then sometimes paths do different things.”

“We had an amazing 15-year relationship. We have three beautiful kids. We shared a lot together and we really went through a lot together," Brian continued. "Right now the paths are different and she is on her path doing what she feels she needs to be doing to be happy and I’m on my path doing what I feel I need to do to be happy and it’s not for a lack of love for the kids or lack of being responsible.”

For the record, it doesn't seem like anything major happened between Brian and Megan leading up to their split. In an episode of his podcast ...With Brian Austin Green, Brian said:

"Neither one of us did anything to each other. She's always been honest with me. I've always been honest with her. We've had an amazing relationship.

I will always love her, and I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family, what we have built is really cool and really special.”

Welp, looks like we'll have to see if Brian's predictions about his and Megan's reconciliation end up being true. BRB, placing bets.

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