Environmentally conscious toddler scolds his mom for littering: ‘Why are you lazy?’

TikTok mom Jon Isa (@mom_aldie) recorded her toddler gently scolding her for littering, and it’s so sweet!

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Isa is a TikToker and mom who shared an adorable video of her toddler son, Aldie, chastising her for leaving a piece of paper on the floor in their home. The video, which has racked up more than a million views, shows just how thoughtful toddlers can be.

The video begins with a shot of Aldie standing on a play mat surrounded by a red toy car and a bright yellow toy backhoe. Isa films as her toddler picks up a piece of crumpled paper and holds it in the air. “Mama, don’t throw stuff,” Aldie says to his mom, holding the paper out to her.

“Where should I throw that?” Isa asks.

“In the garbage!” Aldie replies, giggling.

“Oh, OK,” his mom says.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

But the toddler isn’t letting the issue go. “Why didn’t you throw it in the garbage?” he asks playfully. “Why did you throw it on the mat? Why are you lazy?”

Isa begins to laugh as her toddler asks once again, “Why are you lazy?”

“I’m sorry,” the chastised mom replies. “Can you throw it [away] for me?”

“OK! I will throw it” Aldie replies, gleefully, and sprints off to the trash can.

Aldie discards the paper and then returns to his mom. But Aldie isn’t done scolding. “You forgot to say, ‘Thank you!’” the toddler says.

“Thank you!” Isa replies.

The manners-conscious toddler then asks his mom why she forgot to say thank you. “I forgot,” she tells him. “I’m sorry.”

Then the thoughtful toddler decides to comfort his mom. “I forget to say ‘Thank you,’ sometimes,” he tells his mom as the video ends. “It’s OK, Mama. I’m just kidding you.”

“So cute!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler.

“He’s so intelligent, well-mannered, kind hearted, and considerate,” wrote one viewer.

“It was his ‘Why are you lazy?’ for me. So cute!” another TikToker commented.

“He is the cutest, sweetest, funniest soul. So well-mannered. Mommy and daddy are doing a great job,” another viewer chimed in.

Aldie is certainly an extremely conscientious toddler!

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