Entertainer Steve-O Shares the Story of Finding His Doggy Soulmate in Peru in Heartwarming Clip

Celebrity and entertainer Steve-O, known on TikTok as @steveotv, posted a clip on August 19 about how he found true love in Peru six years ago. And it's not your typical rom-com love story. It's way better than that!

Steve-O traveled to Peru to learn how to mountain climb. He wanted to find a friendly street dog companion, but on the very first day of the trip, he got more than he expected. The story of him finding his doggy soulmate will truly melt your heart. Take a look!

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Aww! For anyone who is familiar with Steve-O knows this is quite unexpected. We're seeing him in a new light. He's usually known for pulling of crazy and dangerous dares so this is a complete 180. Not that we're complaining! We know that dogs have special powers that bring our people's softer sides and this is a perfect example.

We find it so funny that none of the stray dogs wanted anything to do with him even though he had tons of dog food for them. Little did he know at the time that the dogs not wanting the food was a sign from the universe that his dog was still to come. And then, along came Wendy! Both Steve-O and Wendy knew it was love at first sight.

From giving her and her doggy friends so many cuddles to sneaking her into the hotel for a warm bath, you can see how much love her had for Wendy right away. He even slept in a tent with her! A street dog no longer. Wendy is a full rescue dog and living her best life!

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