English Pouter Pigeon Is So Impressive It Doesn't Even Look Real

The English Pouter pigeon is a fancy breed that has been meticulously crafted through generations of selective breeding. These birds are descended from rock pigeons and it's hard to write anything about them with a straight face because they look freaking hilarious.

TikTok user @PigeonsTV posted the following video and we have never seen anything like this.

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The English Pouter pigeon, also known as the "toddler-designed bird" or the "sneaky trench coat pigeon," was obviously created when a mischievous toddler was allowed to design these birds and decided to sneakily disguise two normal-sized pigeons under a trench coat to create this peculiar breed. Okay, just kidding, but this pigeon looks like something I would draw during a game of Pictionary after one too many cocktails and my clue was "draw a bird." Or as TikTok user @Epoch said, "Me drawing a pigeon from memory."

We love everything about this guy! His fancy pants, his total sassy boss strut, how he knows he looks like he's two pigeons hiding under a big coat. TikTok user @Jazzy sings that old Flo Rida hit with "apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur.." Another user suggested "Looks like someone squeezed him and he stayed that way."

Nature is amazing and nature is a miracle and considering a lot of pigeons, when raised properly, make fantastic pets we'd not turn down one of these fancy little gentleman if it showed up on our doorstep. He'd be a total hit if we brought him with to our weekly game of Pictionary!

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