English Bulldog's Funny Way of Telling Parents He's Ready for Bath Time Is Too Cute

We all know that cats and water don't really mix. But dogs and water — well that's a whole other story. Some dogs love water, or should we say that one dog really loves water. As can be seen in a video where he was just so excited for his bath.

Banks the Bulldog had his owner cracking up, when she walked over to the bathroom and saw her good boy ready to take a tub.

In a video shared on the @banksbattle_ page, it shows the mama walking over to the bathroom when she turned the corner and saw Banks in all his glory. The English Bulldog was sitting smack-dab in the middle of the tub and was staring at her expectantly.

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The Bulldog's mama was tickled. "You ready for your bath baby?" she asked.  A man behind the woman explained that he'd only been gone for ten minutes when he turned around and saw that Banks had hopped in the tub.

"Banksy was so ready for bath time!" his mom wrote in the caption.

The comments section was cracking up. "He said 'cut this water on please!'" joked one commenter. "He's like will you come onnnnnn," another person teased.  "He said, 'Come on?! I'm ready to be pampered,'" a third commenter agreed. "He's like what took YOU so long," someone teased.

Giving Your Dog a Bath

Not every dog can be like Banks. In fact, many dogs sort of hate getting a bath. But it has to be done. Here are a few tips and tricks if you're still trying to get your bath routine right.

If your dog is small you're in luck! That means you can bathe them in the sink and keep the mess from the bathroom. If they're large or medium sized, you'll want to wash them in the tub.

Make sure you gather all of your supplies before you get started; towels, soaps, and treats in case you need to reward your dog for staying calm. Then you'll want to brush your dog's fur so you can loosen and remove any hair, dirt, or dander. If your dog has longer fur or hair you'll want to brush through their tangles before getting them wet.

Then it's time for the actual bath. Fill the tub or sink with lukewarm water and place your dog inside. Gently work soap through their fur and use a washcloth to clean your dog's face without getting soap in their eyes. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed to make sure your dog gets squeaky clean. Again, treats can be your friend here. Give them a prize for a job well done and then place them in a towel to dry them off.

Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds. Dogs might be scared in the water. So keep your cool and have a little patience. Eventually they'll get the hang of the bath, although we don't think most dogs will ever be like Banks.

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