English Bulldog Uses His ‘Big Boy Bark’ to Alert Mom of Hilarious Potential Danger

English Bulldogs are known for making great guard dogs since their protective instincts make them willing to defend their family and home against potential threats. Gary is an English Bulldog who was on guard duty one day and saved his family from a potential threat he found in the backyard. He even used his 'big boy bark' to do it!

Gary's mom posted the video on Sunday, June 2nd. It starts with Gary out in the yard barking at something (or someone?!) hiding behind a tree. He was standing guard as his mom came out to investigate. She even said in the video she dreaded what could've happened had Gary not alerted them to the danger!

Gary did a great job keeping his family safe from that plastic bag! Who knows what would've happened if he let it stay there behind the bushes and tree! Commenters got a kick out of Gary's reaction, too. @Celia Morgado265 laughed, "He saved your life LOL!" and another commenter added, "Heroically risking his life to save you all haha!" Gary's mom responded to that with, "Not all heroes wear capes!" @Candice Yates was relieved, "Thank heavens Gary isn’t afraid to stand his ground!"

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Do English Bulldogs Make Good Guard Dogs?

Since Gary was so on top of his guard dog game, I was surprised to learn that English Bulldogs actually make great guard dogs. My brother has had a couple of them, and they rarely even barked so I just thought that they wouldn't be good at guarding. I was wrong. Turns out these dogs might not like to bark, but they have a low and rough voice, and they love to growl to show their aggression. Guarding is one of the rare times that these dogs bark, and their barks and growls serve as warnings to any threats like unknown people, animals, or even plastic bags. It's also the way they let their paw-rents know when something's amiss.

These dogs are extremely loyal to their family, and while they aren't normally aggressive, they will protect their family at all costs. Bulldog World shares, "Bulldogs are also territorial animals, if they are poorly trained then this trait can manifest itself into your bulldog being aggressive and behaving poorly. In a well raised bulldog, this will lead to your bulldog becoming highly protective of yourself and your home, and they'll form lifelong loving bonds with your family."

I think 'watch dog' might be a better way to categorize these dogs. They may bark and growl, but would they attack? I got mixed results when I did a quick bit of research; some people say yes while others say no. But everybody agrees that their deep barks and growls are enough to ward off most threats. Gary's family is lucky to have him!

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