England captain Harry Kane reveals secrets behind improved fitness and injury record

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Harry Kane has credited work with a new physio for being in the best condition he has ever been, as he spoke of how a hamstring injury in January 2020 sparked a career-changing re-assessment of his approach. The England captain has not had a major issue since then, despite previously suffering from repeated ankle injuries that had a knock-on effect.

While Kane would not name his new physio, only admitting he is Spanish, he was effusive about the results. The striker said he came across him through an athlete friend, and works with him separately from Tottenham - but that the club obviously know about it.

“I feel great - put it that way. Whether it’s the fittest I’ve been I don’t know but I feel really good.

“I did my hamstring in January against Southampton away on New Year's Day [2020] and since then I've actually found this new physio and we've been working together since, for nearly three years now. He's been really great for me, we've worked for hours and hours over the three years, built up a really good relationship and I feel like he's really helped me get my body...

“I'll use him maybe one week of the month. He doesn't live in the UK so he comes over one week a month and stays with me.

"I've seen changes in my body in terms of what my ankles were like before and now after. I'm in a totally different place. So it's really pleasing, I've kept that under the radar. Not now! It's the first time you guys have asked me to be fair.”

Kane admitted that injury issues were getting to him.

“I wasn't anxious but I was frustrated. Whenever you're trying to put a good season together, you're on good form and you consistently get the same kind of injuries - I kept getting ankle injuries and that led to a bigger hamstring injury. So I think as I've got older and more mature, you learn more about your body and how your body adapts to stuff, when you can push and when you should not push too hard. So you learn as you go on, and I've definitely learnt really well over the last few years about my body and myself. That's helped me to consistently play at the level I have.

“I was at a period in my career where I was struggling to play consistently throughout a season. Especially when you come up to major tournaments, it's great to know your body is in a good place. Of course, you can get injured at any moment, whether it's a tackle or a bad movement but I think when you're free in your mind and you've been playing consistently for a while, it definitely helps with your mindset going into the seasons and major tournaments.”

Kane meanwhile insisted that the goalscoring form of Erling Haaland hasn’t provided any extra motivation. He’s too single-minded for that.

“Everyone’s talking about Haaland because he’s had an incredible start to the season, so rightly so. As you know me, I don’t focus on too many other people, I focus on myself and what I can do. We’ve had a good start to the season with Spurs, we probably haven’t played our best football but that’s a good sign to be where we are knowing we can improve. And it’s probably one of the best starts I’ve had in the Premier League.”