This engineer-turned-baker is raising money to honor her late grandma’s legacy

This electrical and computer engineer is honoring her grandmother Suga’s legacy by expanding a bakery made in her name.

Patricia Bedford worked as an engineer for over a decade, but after Suga passed away she started to bake more. Now she is the proud owner of Suga’s Cakery in Pflugerville, Texas.

Growing up Suga baked all of the family’s cakes and treats. After her passing, Bedford started to take cake decorating classes to help manage her grief. While Bedford never imagined she’d be in the dessert business after spending so long completing her engineering degree, she discovered that she actually loves the craft. It was two years of perfecting her skills before Bedford launched Suga’s Cakery.

Suga’s Cakery is now celebrating five years in business. But Bedford needs some help to expand. Because she bakes from home, she’s only able to complete large catering orders. Unable to accommodate smaller requests and losing out on customers without a location, she decided a food truck is her best bet. It’s a place where she can fulfill small orders and a way to reach new clientele.

Bedford already purchased the food trailer, but she still needs ovens, propane tanks, shelving and other modifications to get going. So she launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds. The granddaughter has already reached over $12,300 on a goal of $10,106.

“All of this started as a way of coping, and now it’s become so much more, something that’s touched hundreds of lives and palates,” Bedford wrote on Kickstarter.

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