An Engineer Built an Alternate Timeline Version of Captain America's Shield

Jesse Hicks

From Men's Health

One thing you can say about YouTuber James Hobson, aka The Hacksmith: He and his crew do nothing by half measures. They’ve built real-life versions of Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir, if you please), and even Thanos’ absurdly huge, double-edged sword. Using serious engineering chops, they bring sci-fi and superhero tech to life—more often than not, with impressive results.

Photo credit: Marvel/The Hacksmith
Photo credit: Marvel/The Hacksmith

Their newest video takes on a slightly more obscure project: building Captain America’s arc reactor shield. The shield actually belongs to an alternate-Earth character called the Civil Warrior, who, after destroying the world in a battle with Iron Man, decided to take up the technology of his fallen comrade. So, naturally, the character sports a Captain America shield with Tony Stark’s blaster technology built right into it. (Comics!)

The Hacksmith posse has already built a couple iterations of Cap’s iconic shield and a phone-charging arc reactor, so you’d think combining the two would be a simple task. They have plenty of shields to choose from; in the video, Hobson’s not afraid to show off his collection—and demonstrate the toughness of the finished version. (It can break through six patio tiles, in case you wondered.)

With some CAD magic and an incredible dangerous blue laser, the shield is that much closer to being a reality. LED lighting, a metal backing plate, and a hefty power supply are all necessary to complete the look, and somehow the Hacksmith makes it all work. Check out the video if you want to see how.

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