The End Of An Era: MetroCard Machines In NYC Will Be Phased Out By 2023

First the removal of payphones around New York City and now the last days of the infamous MetroCard machine. The machine, whose been in every NYC subway station since 1999, will be extinct after this year.

According to a tweet by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), “In the not-so-distant future, the MetroCard Machine will be phased out and replaced with OMNY vending machines.”

This leaves us wondering what the future of transportation on NYC subways will look like.

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About OMNY

One Metro New York, known as OMNY was installed in subway stations and buses in 2019 as a way to phase out MetroCards. This contactless fare payment system allows commuters to simply tap their credit or debit card, wearable device, or smartphone at subway turnstiles, AutoGates, and buses.

The service is currently available in 472 subway stations across all 5 boroughs and on all MTA buses. According to OMNY, “In the coming months, we plan to support expanded fare options across subway, bus, paratransit, and commuter rail.” 

MTA’s plan to phase out MetroCards

The MTA plans to phase out the use of MetroCards and MetroCard machines by the end of 2023. By then, OMNY will be installed in every subway station across the city. 

MetroCard machines will be switched out with OMNY machines at the beginning of next year. 

This has many wondering what will happen to those without a bank account or a smartphone. A solution is to purchase an OMNY card, which can be found at stores like CVS and Walgreens. The new OMNY vending machines will allow travelers to purchase reusable and single-use OMNY cards. 

The end of an era is near, but we’ll never forget the iconic MetroCard. 

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