‘I was enchanted to meet you’ — Taylor Swift-inspired trend shows Gen Z couples then vs. now

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This Taylor Swift sound bite is giving Gen Zers a new reason to share their adorable love stories.

Many Gen Zers are hopping on the “I was enchanted to meet you” trend. As Swift’s song “Enchanted,” from her third studio album “Speak Now” begins to play, viewers see an image or a video clip of the TikTok user before their relationship. Afterward, a romantic recent video shows them and their partner happy in love.

TikToker Kylie (@jamesmendezfiancee) posted her response to the trend. Kylie’s video has received more than 1.8 million views.

We see a photo of Kylie and her eventual fiancé when they were kids, followed by their ultra-romantic engagement at The Rockefeller Center in New York City.

“I got goosebumps this is so cute,” wrote @urfavv.zay.

“this gives me hope for my relationship:) y’all are so cute!” wrote @kerriberri777.

“don’t make me cry my lashes off again,” said @gswizzee.

Influencer Mel (@mel_lolzz) shared her own video. In a photo, she wears “a random boy’s hat” in her freshman-year English class. The next clip shows her and the then-random-boy embrace after a football game.

“i want this,” said @mialikesconcerts.

“he looks like he ADORES you sooo cuteee,” wrote @raidinurmom.

“crying on the floor,” said @mias_spam031008.

Ella (@ellakkenny), a student at Pennsylvania State University, shared the origin of her relationship.

“Me following my brother’s teammate on insta thinking nothing of it…” reads the text on the video. She follows up with a clip of her boyfriend, the aforementioned teammate, drawing a heart on the glass wall at an ice rink for her.

“My heart melted watching this”

“GIRL YOU ARE LIVING LIFE,” wrote @velez.books.

“You can tell he loves you so much,” commented @samanthairizarry19.

“My heart melted watching this,” said @canuckkitchen.

Lyndsey (@lyndswehler) took to TikTok to share her sweet love story.

“Openly talking to a random boy for almost 2 hours at a church camp i almost didnt even go to,” she writes. The next clip shows her and her boyfriend together at a bowling alley.

“young love,” wrote @junebug455.

“church camp be having the cutest boys,” said @elyse.medina.

“The way he smiles after he saw you were being recorded,” gushed @mariasolecericola.

As trends like this continue to circulate, expect to see more Gen Zers sharing their heartwarming love stories on the platform. Oh, to be young and in love!

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