Emmy winners deliver impassioned pleas for social justice

The 2020 Emmy Awards were Sunday night, and while the show looked quite different from previous Emmys, it still served as a platform for artists to call for social justice reform. Host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Anthony Anderson chanted “Black Lives Matter,” while other artists like Regina King and Uzo Aduba wore Breonna Taylor t-shirts and called for viewers to vote. Mark Ruffalo used his brief moment on screen to deliver an impassioned speech about celebrating diversity and supporting social justice reform. “We have a big, important moment ahead of us,” said Ruffalo. “Are we going to be a country of division and hatred, a country for only a certain kind of people? Or are we going to be one of love, strength, and fighting for all of us, who have the American dream and the pursuit of life, liberty, love, and happiness, in this great country of ours?”