'The Crown' Reveals "First Glimpse" of Princess Diana's Wedding Gown

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Photo credit: Fox Photos/Netflix - Getty Images
Photo credit: Fox Photos/Netflix - Getty Images

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Updated 10/04/20:

Netflix has delighted fans by sharing the first full-length look at Princess Diana's wedding gown, as worn by actress Emma Corrin, in the forthcoming season of The Crown. The show's official Twitter account captioned the stunning snap, "A first glimpse of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Emmy award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts wanted to capture the same spirit and style of David & Elizabeth Emanuel’s original design, without creating a replica for Emma Corrin."

When viewed side-by-side with Diana's actual gown, it's clear just how much detail has gone into re-creating the iconic bridal look for The Crown.

Photo credit: Fox Photos/Netflix - Getty Images
Photo credit: Fox Photos/Netflix - Getty Images

Original article 08/09/20:

When the first teaser of The Crown's fourth season dropped last month, it gave viewers a peek at a jaw-dropping moment of the monarchy's next chapter: Prince Charles and Princess Diana's royal wedding.

Though brief, the clip previews Diana, played by rising actress Emma Corrin, in her iconic bridal gown before walking down the aisle. The on-screen version of the dress is a striking replica of the original—that's because the original designers of Diana's dress were involved.

"The Emanuels, who designed the original, gave us the patterns, and then it was made for me," Corrin told British Vogue. "We were filming the scene when you first see her in the wedding dress—I think it was Lancaster House in London—and I had a team of about 10 people helping me put it on, because it's massive."

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

Once the actress got the frock on and stepped out for the first time, people were speechless. "I walked out and everyone went completely silent," she said.

Corrin wears a number of looks inspired by the People's Princess, from Diana's pink polka-dot ensemble to the shimmery dress she wore during her visit to New York, but the wedding gown carried the late royal's spirit the most. "More than anything else I wear in the series, it's so … It's her."

Corrin added of becoming the iconic royal, "I feel I've got to know Diana like you would a friend. I know that sounds really weird, but I get a great sense of companionship from her. I suppose, over time, you kind of start to patch together a sense of empathy and a sense of understanding."

Watch the trailer above to catch a glimpse of Diana's dress made for the screen. Then look forward to November 15 when The Crown Season 4 premieres on Netflix.

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