Emma Bunton reveals her 'secret' for getting out of doing household chores

 Emma Bunton in kitchen with cleaning products
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You might know Emma Bunton better as Baby Spice, one-fifth of the Spice Girls, however, she has taken us by surprise by looking to spice up the cleaning world with the launch of a new cleaning range.

The new vegan and all-natural range of cleaning products is an extension of the family brand Kit & Kin she co-founded. The whole range promises to use the power of plants to safely clean your home without harsh chemicals. And we can't help but think she has been inspired by the secret she used to get out of cleaning chores when she was younger.

In a video launching her new range, she revealed that her parents used to give her chores around the house, but she had a way to get out of them. ' I have a little secret,' she says. 'I used to pretend that I was allergic to anything they made me use around the house so I didn’t have to do anything.'

'I used to pretend I was allergic to washing up liquid and that it used to itch and I don’t like it so I don’t have to do much. That was my way out.'

However, since growing up she has come around to the joys of cleaning, (and with her new natural cleaning range there's no chance of an allergy excuse). 'The one cleaning job I find most satisfying is cleaning all the handles in the house,' she explains. 'There’s loads of them isn’t there on doors and cupboards so I go around cleaning all the door handles.'

Emma Bunton in kitchen with cleaning products
Emma Bunton in kitchen with cleaning products

However, there is one chore she still hates: 'I hate making the bed, I think because I’m so little and in a double bed it’s quite hard putting sheets and duvets on.'

The new range includes 12 cleaning products with prices starting at £3.99. All the products are refillable and look super stylish in amber bottles with pastel-coloured refill bags. We've also been seriously impressed by the scent of the citrus all-purpose cleaner which smelt more like a fancy perfume than the over-powering lemony scent of similar cleaners.

Emma Bunton in kitchen with cleaning products
Emma Bunton in kitchen with cleaning products

'Kit and Kin absolutely is my third baby, the children are growing up way too fast for my liking,' says Emma Bunton. 'It felt like a natural development to create an entirely new range that felt a little more grown up and one that will support our customers for many years to come.

'I’m always wary of using harsh chemicals in my home, and I’m so conscious of that when my children were little. We’re all about protecting your world naturally and this range uses the power of plants to effectively clean your home without the need for horrible harsh chemicals.'

The range is available to purchase online, and we can't wait to add a little zig-a-zig ah to doing the dishes with the pink grapefruit washing-up liquid.