You Can Get Emily's Phone Case From "Emily in Paris" For Just $13

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You Can Get Emily's Phone Case From "Emily in Paris" For Just $13
You Can Get Emily's Phone Case From "Emily in Paris" For Just $13

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  • Emily in Paris follows Emily (Lily Collins), a Chicago marketing exec who is transferred to her company's Paris office.

  • Emily's phone case, which is styled to look like a vintage camera, has gained popularity online.

  • Here's where to buy Emily's phone case—and others just like it.

Emily (Lily Collins), the titular character of Emily in Paris, isn't exactly a budget shopper. Even though she only brings two suitcases to Paris, she dresses as if she had lugged several trunks of designer clothing across the Atlantic. There are even Instagram accounts dedicated to cataloguing Emily's looks, created by the legendary costume designer Patricia Field.

Still, even if you don't have Prada or Parisian views, it's entirely possible to channel the inner Emily. Her retro camera-inspired phone case, which she uses on her journey to becoming an American influencer in Paris, is available to buy online—and it's reasonably priced.

Throughout her adventures alongside the show's French characters, Emily is prone to whipping out her 3D phone case, styled to look like a vintage camera. She snaps a scenic pic, attaches a punny caption, and watches as her follower count soars. Of course, that's not exactly how becoming an influencer in Paris works—but it's called escapist TV for a reason.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Technically, Emily's case is made by the retailer Awsaccy. Due to the popularity of the show, the Awsaccy iPhone cases are currently unavailable to purchase on Amazon. Luckily, there are some pretty similar cases out there still in stock.

This Casetify case comes in a range of sizes, and is made for both iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

Though Emily's iPhone 12 is stowed away in a black-and-white case, there are more colorful variations on the vintage camera theme available, too.

Disney fans can even get case that pays homage to the one and only Minnie Mouse, though we doubt that Emily's effortlessly chic boss at Savoir would approve. One possible plot-line for season 2 of Emily in Paris? Emily and her colleagues at Savoir head to EuroDisney, and buy matching phone cases.

Arguably the niftiest part of Emily's phone case is its built-in lanyard, which can be purchased separately. That way, when the right photo opp comes around, you'll be ready—just like Emily.

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