Emily Ratajkowski Wore a Hyper-Realistic, 3D Roach on Her Nails

Emily Ratajkowski just paid homage to the true Met Gala 2023 icon with her manicure — and no, it's not Karl Lagerfeld. (Florence Pugh already did that.)

Emily Ratajkowski is on the cover of the spring-summer 2023 edition of HommeGirls magazine alongside Kylie Jenner and wore a few different manicures for the shoot, including one featuring a hyper-realistic 3D cockroach on her middle finger. You can see the bug in its full, gross-out glory in Ratajkowski's photo dump from the shoot. (Pro tip: scroll to the third slide, if you can stomach it.)

EmRata's nails are painted white and shaped into long rounded soft stilettos, but you barely notice the actual manicure because of the giant cockroach just chillin' on her hand. The roach may not actually be an homage to the little bug who stole the show at the 2023 Met Gala, but it is pretty funny to think so. 

In the actual cover story, Ratajkowski showed off the manicure in a photo where she wears a ripped-up vintage New York Mets tee with Miu Miu bottoms and electric blue eyeshadow, posing with her middle finger (and the bug) on her tongue.

The 3D roach manicure comes courtesy of nail artist Alex Smith, who gave the model a few different manis for her HommeGirls cover. According to Smith's Instagram post, the roach was "hand sculpted and painted on set" — a true piece of craftsmanship no matter how initially jarring it is! 

Smith also designed a hot pink square-tipped nail with a cute 3D bow decal, which Ratajkowski wore with a dolphin tank and leopard print skirt, plus a pastel blue and white aura-style mani and an all-white almond-shaped mani sans cockroach. If Ratajkowski's manicure and the Met Gala 2023 red carpet are to be believed, this is the year of the high-fashion cockroach!

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