Emily Blunt Shares Brother-in-Law Stanley Tucci's Reaction to Becoming a 'Sex Symbol'

His status skyrocketed over the pandemic, but some of us have known all along.

Emily Blunt is speaking up about her brother-in-law Stanley Tucci's recent designation as a sex symbol. 

The actress stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week, where the conversation eventually turned to her sister Felicity Blunt's husband. "Can you believe that? He's a sex symbol now," she said.

Tucci, 62, earned the label later in life than most, after his Instagram mixology and cooking videos went viral during the early months of the coronavirus lockdown. Ultimately, the series led to his own CNN food and travel show: Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.

In March, the actor-turned-foodie-turned-sex-symbol told People, "I don't get it," in regards to the newfound status, but he's certainly not been upset by it. 

"I think he's shocked," Blunt went on to say, though Colbert was not convinced.

"Really? He doesn't act like he is. He acts like, 'Finally, they've noticed!'" the host pointed out.

The fellow Devil Wears Prada alum went on to add, "It's amazing that it took a sort of irreverent video on Instagram that my sister told him to post, and then he became a sex symbol. But I asked him, 'Do you like it deep down? Do you like being a sex symbol?' And he goes, 'I mean, yeah.'"

Even if it doesn't make a lot of sense to him, he's certainly not upset about the designation. Tucci had previously quipped to People, "Who goes, 'I feel terrible about that'?" 

Not us!

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