Black Panther , the Best Marvel Movie, Is Finally on Netflix

The Labor Day weekend is over: Welcome back to the grind. It sucks, doesn't it? You know what'll help make it suck less? Black Panther, a movie you can now watch on Netflix whenever you want, because it is streaming right now.

Here's a true story: The other day, I was feeling kind of sad, so I put on Black Panther, and immediately felt better. I could do this because I bought the movie on Blu-ray the second it became available for purchase. It's something I'd recommend everyone do, but starting today, that's not necessary. Now, all you need is a Netflix account—you know, the one you were assigned at birth—and your day could immediately be brightened by Black Panther. Which, of course, you might need, since we were just on holiday yesterday.

Putting all that aside, it's incredible how well Black Panther has risen to the occasion before it. It had impossibly high expectations before it premiered, and an unreasonable level of hype to outlast after it was out in the world. However, thanks to the excellence of everyone involved, Black Panther delivers. Ryan Coogler's film is one of the most nuanced and triumphant Marvel movies yet, a story Shakespearean in its ambition with a cast full of actors more than charismatic enough to carry it. It's got iconic moments that have entered the lexicon (IS THIS YOUR KING?), it's got one of the best villains in any superhero film, and its themes of displacement and identity are incredibly resonant in a world where it can seem the very personhood of people of color is a mutable concept.

Because for all the wonder and glory of Wakanda, the movie doesn't begin or end there. Instead, it's Oakland where Black Panther chooses to plant its roots.