Elle Fanning Channels Parisian Elegance With a Polished Puff Trench Coat

Elle Fanning Channels Parisian Elegance With a Polished Puff Trench Coat
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Compared to Paris, New York City street style is often a lot more colorful, more flamboyant, and more daring. But that doesn’t mean Elle Fanning can’t channel that Parisian sense of understated sophistication in her own Manhattan uniform.

On Monday, the actor headed out in the Big Apple wearing an outfit that embraced this season’s dominant quiet luxury trend. Her sleek and polished outfit lacked all the excess frills and ornamentations one might expect to see on a New Yorker; instead, she bundled up in a black knit turtleneck and a slightly puffed trench coat in a pale beige tone. She finished off the look with a classic pair of straight-leg blue jeans, rectangular black-frame sunglasses with an orange tint, and maroon leather loafers.

new york, ny october 23 elle fanning is seen on october 23, 2023 in new york city photo by jose perezbauer griffingc images
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Elle described her affection for a sweeping statement coat in an interview with Bazaar earlier this year.

Asked what brings her confidence, the Maleficent star responded, “A great jacket. I’m a coat girl, so if I have a long leather coat, like this black one with big shoulders I just bought, I feel really good. I’m tall, so I carry them well. I get them oversized, and it always complete my look.”

She explained how geography can affect her wardrobe, adding, “When I’m in London, I’ll wear coats nonstop, because L.A. dressing is so different. It’s much more relaxed, which is not me. I have to remind myself to wear the outfit I like—not what I think makes sense for L.A. dressing. I’m that girl who goes to things overdressed a lot of the time, but that’s just me. I love fashion.”

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