Elite LGBTQ athletes share their stories I Annual Salute to Women in Sports

Athletes Meghan Duggan, Chris Mosier and Phaidra Knight come together to share their stories of inclusion in their respective sports as members of the LGBTQ community. Watch the full Women’s Sports Foundation's Annual Salute to Women in Sports presented by Yahoo Sports here.

Video Transcript

MEGHAN DUGGAN: Being a female hockey player, I grew up being the only girl that I ever saw at any of the rinks.

PHAIDRA KNIGHT: I am female, I am black, and I am gay. Everywhere I go in life, I bring this perspective.

CHRIS MOSIER: When I was first trying to participate in sports after transitioning from the female category to the male category, I just remember thinking that it was so incredibly hard for me to have access to sport.

PHAIDRA KNIGHT: There's been a lot of focus and proposed legislation around the inclusion-- or lack thereof-- of trans athletes.

MEGHAN DUGGAN: I think being an athlete, we're in a unique and great position to have a platform to speak out about all different sorts of topics.

CHRIS MOSIER: I got a message from a kid shortly after my first billboard with Nike, in San Francisco. This kid was on vacation with his parents, saw me on a billboard in the middle of the city, and messaged me to tell me what it meant for him to see me. Two minutes later, I got a message from his mom telling me what it meant for her, as a parent, have an example for what her son's life could look like.

MEGHAN DUGGAN: Couple days after my wife and I got married, I publicly posted a wedding photo of us for the first time. And the feedback I received was incredible. So many people of all ages in the LGBT community reaching out to me and saying, I needed that, and thank you.

CHRIS MOSIER: I don't want anyone to have to experience what I was experiencing at that time. I don't want anyone to have to out themselves, or to struggle to explain their identity to just try to participate with their peers.

PHAIDRA KNIGHT: What other people can do to support in these efforts, is we can all get educated and speak up at any moment that we see injustice, and a need for more inclusion.

CHRIS MOSIER: [? LGBTQ ?] people, and trans people in specific need accomplices in this work. We need allied voices. We need straight and cis-gender people to speak up and say, trans rights are human rights.

MEGHAN DUGGAN: I think it's pretty simple. Don't be homophobic. Don't be racist. Don't be sexist. And I think the world's going to be a better place.