Elijah Berle Puts Down a Skatepark Trick You're Not Gonna Believe

You already know Elijah Berle is capable of doing some of the gnarliest stunts on a skateboard. Rails, gaps, flip in flip out stuff—he can do it all. So what does he get up to on his daily skatepark sessions? Well...

This one blew our minds, made us stop scrolling, and had to post it here. @berlehaggard takes off on one of his immaculately wrapped Ollie impossibles, going mach 10, off the skatepark kicker. But what is he doing it over? A trash can? But what's this parking block doing on top the long way?

Elijah then guides the impossible into a nosegrind on the parking block. Insanity. It's even crazier when his back truck taps it on accident too. Most people would have bailed or slammed on this one, but Elijah puts it down perfectly to the crowd's approval and shouts. Louie Lopez is seen in the background with his jaw on the floor.

Eric Koston commented "Fandangle!" A reference for a one-footed grind goof trick he used to do, also his special move in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Ha!

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