Elementary school employee sparks massive debate with photo of their infuriating parking lot issue: ‘Take this to a local news outlet’

One Reddit user recently shared a post on the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit that started a heated debate about the efficacy of electric vehicles.

“[I] work for a ‘green’ elementary school powered by solar with a parking lot with parking spots designated for ‘green’ vehicles,” the original poster wrote. “Was told I can’t park my electric vehicle in those spots because they were raffled to random ppl. Now a gas guzzler parks in the hybrid/low emissions spot.”

Parking spots designated for “green” vehicles
Photo Credit: Reddit

They shared a picture that shows a sign reading “RESERVED FOR LOW EMISSION HYBRID VEHICLES” along with a gas-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in the spot.

Unfortunately, the comments section quickly devolved into people overwhelmingly sharing disinformation and inaccurate negative perceptions of electric vehicles.

Although many of the comments in the thread imply or state outright that electric vehicles are no better for the environment than traditional cars, that is simply not the case — EVs and hybrids produce significantly less air and climate pollution overall than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

According to the International Council on Clean Transportation, a medium-sized EV produces 60 percent to 68 percent less planet-heating pollution over its lifetime than an equivalent gas-powered car.

Although the electricity used to power EVs is not always generated cleanly (and depending on the area in which you live, that may be rapidly changing) that does not mean that EVs are just as harmful to the environment as ICE cars.

“I’m aware that electricity generation is not very green in this country, however it is still better than driving a gas powered car that pollutes the atmosphere with exhaust fumes,” the original poster wrote. “Also a majority of my electricity that’s delivered to my home derives from solar and wind, so most of it is clean.”

“I mean my BEV produces less CO2 than I breathe out in operation in a year and likely has a 80-85% smaller lifetime footprint then a comparable gas powered car,” another frustrated commenter wrote. “But sure they don’t do anything. As I tell people over and over. Do the math. The numbers don’t lie and you can easily crunch the numbers yourself.”

One person suggested the OP take further action, saying, “Take this to a local news outlet, the public uproar will probably cause them to change tune.”

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