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Life got you tense? This $28 massage gun is the answer — pounce while it's over 70% off

It sure does seem lately that hordes of people have been deciding to take sore-muscle matters into their own hands, because suddenly massage guns are everywhere. Maybe all that working-from-home of the past few years left people aching-at-home. In any event, if you're curious about the hype, we’ve got a deal for you that’s better than a pricey deep-tissue treatment: The Elefor Massage Gun is on sale at Amazon for just $29, down from $100 — that's over 70% off! If you haven’t gotten up close and personal with a massage gun, make this your gateway to soothed muscles.

This massage gun comes with 10 different massage heads for all the different types of muscles. 

$28 at Amazon

The Elefor is cordless and looks like a weapon you might see in a sci-fi movie. You charge it with a USB cable — no need for a giant C battery or one of those weird 9-volts. When it’s charged, you just flip the switch on the bottom and tap the back of the gun for some good vibrations — 20 different vibrations, to be exact. To adjust the speed of the beats, tap the back again — there’s a digital display to indicate the power and the battery level. It also comes with ten different massage heads to target different muscles. It’s super easy to use, but that’s only one of the reasons over 11,000 verified shoppers give this massage gun a perfect five-star review.

Relaxation station

First and foremost, this device really helps you relax. Just turn it on and let it buzz you.

“Holy crap this product is so good!” wrote a five-star fan. “I literally use it to undo so many knots in my neck, back, thighs, even when you feel pain at first, 30 seconds, into a minute after, your whole body becomes relaxed and no longer tensed up and in pain! Trust me this is amazing.”

A double-duty gift

Who wouldn’t love to come home to a back massage every night? If your significant other is not a massage therapist, giving you a massage every day isn’t a highlight, and according to one shopper, this is a gift for both of you.

“Ladies, do your hands hurt massaging your husband?” she asked. “This machine is for you! I bought this for my husband. He always asks for a massage when he has had a hard day at work and I do not look forward to the massages. My hands are terribly weak and do not last 15 minutes of massage time. This machine is a lifesaver. I can now give my husband massages without killing my hands and it actually helped to limit the massage to twice a week. It goes deep into your muscles and you feel brand new. I love this product.”

massage gun
'Holy crap, this product is so good!' See, it's that kind of discerning, penetrating critique that perks our ears up. (Photo: Amazon)

At-home physical therapy

A lot of athletes like to use massage guns for recovery after workouts, but even physical therapists recommend this one.

“I was very impressed with this massage gun,” wrote another satisfied shopper. “I work in a physical therapy clinic where we use very high-priced massage guns, and I would honestly prefer this one over the high-priced ones that we use any day.”

“My mother has knee problems and this was recommended by a physical therapist friend that I know,” reported another five-star fan. “After a few times of use, my mother fell in love with it. She said the massage gun was effective, she uses it almost every night after work.”


If pain disrupts your sleep, this might be your new sleep aid.

“I suffer from chronic knee and back pain so I was looking for something to help soothe the pain from being on my feet all day,” wrote another rave reviewer. “It definitely helps. Right before bed, a good 15 minutes and I’m sleeping like a baby. Worth every penny.”

Choose from 20 different speeds to further customize your massage.

$28 at Amazon

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