Calling all gym rats: Amazon just slashed prices over 50% on this electric protein shaker bottle

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A protein shake bottle next to a dumbbell with a towel draped over it.
This protein shaker will impress even the most vigorous fitness buffs. (Source: Amazon)

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to hit the beach. Gym-lovers are turning up the intensity in order to look their best lounging in the hot sand, and you can be right there with them when you pick up a VoltRx Premium Electric Shaker Cup. Revolutionize your workout and feel your best as you enjoy a perfectly mixed and refreshing protein shakes post or pre-workout. Simply press a button and the patented vortex mixing technology will perfectly mix your shake until it is rich, creamy and smooth.

Never again will you need to endlessly shake your tired arms to get a protein shake. The VoltRX Electric Shaker Cup will give you a smooth and thoroughly mixed shake automatically with no extra sweat. Other gym-goers will be amazed by how easy it is to prepare your boosting beverage. You may even make some new friends when others ask you where you got such an amazing piece of tech. Don’t forget to tell them that you saved over 50% on Amazon!

This shaker cup is tough

A VOLTRX protein shaker.
Up your fitness experience with this protein shaker. (Source: Amazon)

$25.49 $54.99 at Amazon

The VoltRX Electronic Shaker cup is built to last, just like you. The VoltRx designers specifically made it with health in mind.

VoltRX Premium Electric Shaker Cups are produced without BPAs and use a shatter-resistant food-grade material called Tritan. The bottle is also easy to clean. Simply fill the shaker with water and soap and activate the vortex-mixing technology. You can even use this Premium Electric Shaker Cup three times a week for a full year on just one fully charged battery!

Next time you go to the gym, feel more confident than ever walking in with thanks to the new edge of your post-workout routine. You will be putting in every ounce of effort you have knowing that each workout will be followed by a delicious and rejuvenating protein shake. Are you ready to be the most well-equipped person at the gym? Act now and get this amazing VoltRx Electric Shaker Cup for 50% over off today.

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